Digital Transformation

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by Mark Hill | Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018

The digital transformation conversation is one of the most active conversations in the board room today. It’s driven by leaders looking to maximize opportunity and reduce risk because they know they need to transform their digital strategy to remain relevant. This is no easy task. It’s not clear where the future is going to take us or how markets will evolve and making the wrong decision can have a significant impact. Spend too much and you’ll have an adverse impact on earnings while spending too little may cause you to lose out on a potential opportunity and spending on the wrong projects can impact both. That’s why translating the vision of digital transformation in the board room to actual projects is so hard to do. There’s a lot of inherent risk and reward to it especially when you’re dealing with an enterprise that has competing perspectives and opportunities. One tangible area to start with is the relationship between your company, your customers, and their smartphones. It’s hard to imagine a strategy that doesn’t integrate the intelligent use of mobile in it. Every company and business unit want their own “app”. But, what they don’t realize is that having an app actually has very little to do with a digital transformation strategy. This desire for every company to have an app (or many apps) has resulted in the App Store ballooning to more than two million competing apps, making adoption abysmal. The download requirement of the app store hasn’t made this any better, and many consumers choose to not even bother with a download once they’re able to find the right app in the app store. Think about it. Are you really going to go to the app store and download the app when you walk into Nordstrom? (Nordstrom – I don’t mean to pick on you. This is a problem for any brand, even a great one like yours.) So, where does this leave us? Mobile technology needs a new paradigm to assist companies with engaging their customers on the device they love the most, their smartphone. A paradigm that allows for experimentation, iteration, and cost-effective delivery of mobile solutions while driving increased adoption and producing exceptional mobile experiences. It’s time to think differently about mobile. And Lumavate can help. Create an account on the Lumavate platform today.

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