Six Ways to Wow Your Customers From the Beginning

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Dec 15, 2017

Imagine you’ve just purchased from a brand for the first time, and you have a question concerning your purchase. Do you find the brand’s Twitter handle and send a quick Tweet? Do you hunt down the number for the brand’s help line? Do you turn to an online forum, or maybe even visit the brick and mortar location? Today’s consumers have dozens of ways that they can interact with a brand, and the fast-paced technology behind products and services is making customer-brand interactions more frequent than ever. The dawn of new technologies have made customer journeys anything but simple, but we’re here to break down the complexities of today’s customer journey and share some best practices that will enable you to provide your customers with a highly personalized and relatable experience that will yield big payoffs right from the start. More than a decade ago, President and CEO of Procter & Gamble A.G. Lafley presented the idea that there are two Moments of Truth that all consumers face in which brands have enormous potential to make an impression–good or bad: The first, the period of time before the sale is made. A brand will typically put an enormous emphasis on this moment, as the decision to purchase is its most obvious source of revenue. However the second moment Lafley presented is one that often gets lost in the shuffle, buried between the heavily-marketed sales process and the high-stakes support and service moment; it is the moment in which the product is in the customer’s possession for the first time. And–in more cases than we may realize–consumers are left looking at their new purchase, thinking: now what? Let’s revisit our earlier example: You’ve just purchased from a brand for the first time. The excitement of the buy is still in full force, because you spent quite a bit of time researching and prepping pre-purchase. As a brand, wouldn’t now be an ideal time to take advantage of all of the excitement that comes along with a new purchase and capitalize on that excitement by providing a stellar customer onboarding experience? It’s a sure fire way to build brand loyalists from the start–but companies haven’t caught onto this potential quite yet, with a mere 17 percent of consumers reporting that they receive a truly excellent post-purchase experience. But if you’re finding yourself worrying that post-purchase excellence must mean big spends, think again. -- Ready to read on? In our latest whitepaper, we dive into the financial side of providing a stellar customer onboarding experience. We also explore some important customer satisfaction statistics, and share our six best practices for creating an experience your customers won’t soon forget. Download it here: Six Ways to Wow Your Customers From The Beginning

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