CES Recap 2020

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 21, 2020

We’re back with another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recap! Each year in Las Vegas, CES showcases the latest innovations in tech (and apparently plant-based meat this year). To no one’s surprise, artificial intelligence (AI) was a hot topic. In fact, Toyota announced its plans to develop a prototype city, where residents will have in-home robotics and other AI integrations in their daily lives. So if I can’t be a resident in the Woven City, I’ll just have to look forward to some of the other ways AI was featured this year at CES.

Planes, Trains, and Alexa

Coffee is a must-have for me when I travel. So with one hand on my latte, and another scrolling on my phone checking for travel alerts, it can be a balancing act trying to roll my suitcase through the airport. But with the Ovis suitcase, it seems like my problems may be solved! With an AI integration, the Ovis suitcase learns your movements and can avoid hitting obstacles that are in its path. But if traveling by car is your preferred method of traveling, Amazon just made getting gas smoother...Alexa will be able to pay for your gas at participating Exxon and Mobil stations later this year.

What’s for Dinner?

I’ll admit, I’m not the most experienced in the kitchen. But good news for my fellow cooking novices: Samsung debuted Bot Chef which is almost like having your own personal chef. From whisking, chopping, and more, the Bot Chef can do just about anything that you’ve seen on Food Network. And thanks to its external sensors and AI, you can cook alongside Bot Chef without any awkward bump-ins. If only someone would take the trash out after...well maybe with the help of TowNew’s automated garbage can, we might be one step closer to that dream. Now I’m not saying this product will take out the trash for you, but it’s pretty close! It actually will seal the bag and replace it with a new one. I’ll call that a win!

Hey Google, That Wasn’t for You

With machines using AI to learn our everyday patterns and movements, it’s no wonder why 9 out of 10 people are worried about their privacy. Because of this recent concern, Google announced several updates to its Google Assistant this week, including a feature that allows users to ask their Assistants if their data is being saved.

As we head into a new decade, I’m excited to see how AI will play a bigger role in our lives. Tweet at us @Lumavate with some of your favorite tech gadgets from CES!

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