CES 2021 Recap

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We all knew the Consumer Electric Show (CES) was going to look different this year. Instead of taking place in its usual location, Las Vegas, CES was hosted digitally. And like most things displayed at the show, it was not done on a small-scale; CES 2021 broke the record for the largest all-digital event in history. Here’s a rundown of some of the most noteworthy gadgets from this year’s show. Coping With the Pandemic To ignore the devices related to COVID-19 in this year’s show would be foolish. After all, it did consume the majority of our lives in 2020 and still continues to do so. In an attempt to ease consumers’ lives this year, these gadgets rose to the occasion. PocketTalk Plus If you’re like me, hearing someone talk with a mask is an impossible task. I’ve been listening to music too loud for years, and it’s finally up to me...just a little earlier than anticipated. So with my hearing not being as sharp as it once was and safety guidelines encouraging six feet of distance, the need for subtitles in real life is increasing in importance. Lucky for me, the Pocketalk Plus Voice Translator does exactly that, just in a hand-held device. AirThings To be honest, I have never put much thought into the quality of the air until last year. For obvious reasons, 2020 made me want to learn more about what’s in the air I breathe. AirThings allows users to keep an eye on air contaminants, temperature, humidity, and so much more with their device. The age-old question stands, how much information is too much? Sparking Joy I am in desperate need of a new hobby. Scrolling through TikTok and consuming Netflix’s entire catalog is great, but I’m looking for a more worthwhile way to spend my free time. Thanks to CES this year, I’ve got a pretty good lineup of things I can add to my day. Beeing As cool as this next product is, I don’t know how realistic acquiring this device is for me - I am embarrassingly terrified of bugs. Beeing is an at-home beehive, perfect for anyone wanting to get their feet wet in beekeeping. And before you start to wonder what your neighbors might think, the beehive box is so small, it can be placed on an apartment balcony. You can always make it up to them later with a jar of local honey. Note: bees are not included. 🐝 Coldsnap 2020 was the year everyone took up cooking. If I told you the number of loaves of banana bread I made last year, you would think I was crazy. For that reason alone, mastering a new dessert was at top of mind for not only yours truly, but for many recently turned chefs. Coldsnap might be my favorite gadget from any CES. It’s basically a Keurig for ice cream....what more needs to be said? I fear my actual Keurig might get jealous. An Emotional Support Gadget We tweeted about this earlier, but it’s so cute we had to bring it up again. 2020 was great for pet owners. You could spend 24/7 with your furry friend and never have to leave their side. But for some without pets (read: me), jealousy crept its way into our minds over our lack of a four-legged companion. Moflin is an AI pet, who is a pretty close second to not owning a dog. It’s basically a new version of a FurReal Pet...just with an added microphone so it can respond to you. If you don’t want to miss the latest tech trends and event recaps, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Lumavate! Tweet us what your favorite gadget from CES 2021 was...even if it’s the ice cream maker too.

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