Can I Make a QR Code for Free?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In today’s digital world, QR Codes have become essential tech players, bridging the gap between physical and digital landscapes. 

Though they were once ignored, these image patterns now act as industry access points to a wide range of information, linking customers to goods, services, and experiences with a quick scan. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to create an ideal QR Code for your business.

How to Make a QR Code for a Link

A QR Code, or quick response code, is a machine code that is readable by smartphone cameras. It typically consists of a grid of pixelated black squares on a white background that encodes data that can be read usually by a smartphone. 

When you hold up your phone camera to the encoded image, a URL pops up. With a click, you’re taken directly to a website or location without having to enter a long web address. Before we talk about how to make a QR Code for a link, let's consider the types of QR Codes.

Types of QR Codes

A QR Code can be of any size and located anywhere on the product. The types include:

QR Codes may also be classified into:

How to Create a QR Code for a Link

To create a QR Code for a link, you need a QR Code generator. This is an online tool that creates a QR Code for storing various data, especially URL links. These links help businesses direct users to the company's website or access product information. 

Manufacturers of grills, electric appliances, construction tools and various equipment can use these embedded links to direct their customers to product registrations and warranty through a QR Code on product packaging. Also, trade show signages often have a QR Code embedded with links to direct attendees to their landing page to learn more about their products.

There are various online QR Code generators you can use to create a QR Code for a link, including Lumavate, Canva QR Code, QR Stuff, and QR Code Monkey. 

Here’s a general guide on how to create a QR Code online for a link to your website:

  1. Go to a QR Code generator of your choice.

  2. Choose your desired plan.

  3. Select the “Link” option from the menu.

  4. Copy and paste your link into the provided field.

  5. Click “Generate” to create the QR Code.

  6. Run a scan test on the QR Code and download it.

How Long Do QR Codes Last?

The QR Code generator a company employs or the type of QR Code it uses will determine how long the code will last. While some QR Codes have an expiration date, others do not.

Static QR Codes often have no expiration date, with permanent links that can not be altered in any way. However, the web destination or information linked to a static QR Code may be lost or corrupted over time, resulting in increasing nonfunctional QR Codes. This was a major cause of low adoption rates for QR Codes before 2020. 

After 2020, it became necessary for companies to create QR Codes that allowed the embedded links to be edited or changed totally, providing room for long-term management of the QR Code. These dynamic QR Codes have significantly reduced the prevalence of broken links or nonfunctional QR Codes.

Can I Make a QR Code for Free?

Yes. Individuals or companies can make a QR Code online for free using a QR Code generator. An example of a free QR code online QR code generator is QR Code Generator. Others include QRTiger, QR Code Monkey, and Beaconstac.

As good as “free” may sound, there are some drawbacks marketers of various companies may face when using a free QR Code generator. These include:

How Much Does It Cost to Own a QR Code?

There are multiple ways you can create a QR Code. By using a free QR Code generator, you will have access to the service (though constrained) at no cost. When you use paid QR Code generators, you will be required to purchase a subscription. The cost of QR Code generator platforms varies depending on the company. Some examples of paid QR Code generators and their prices are outlined below.



QR Code Generator by Bitly

Though the above QR Code generators are better than the free QR code generators, they are all disadvantaged in some way. This is because they lack key extensions, offering only the QR Code — unlike Lumavate.

Lumavate Is the Best QR Code Generator Trusted by Manufacturing Companies

Lumavate is a Product Experience Management (PXM) Platform that has a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including a Product Information Management (PIM)Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) functionality. 

Within the Lumavate Platform, manufacturers can effectively centralize product data, manage digital assets, and create engaging digital product experiences for their customers.

With QR Codes directly linked to each digital product experience, manufacturers can track data and key analytics within the platform and utilize this information to make key company decisions. Lumavate offers direct integration with Google Analytics, allowing manufacturers to gain insights such as page views, number of sessions, and average session duration. 

Choose Lumavate as your QR Code generator to create easy activations for your digital product experiences. Schedule a demo with us now.

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