Brands We Love Are Building PWAs: Part 2

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by Emily Rompola | Last Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Back in September of last year, we featured a blog post on brands we love that have built Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It was a mobile trend we knew would take off quickly after those initial big names took them on, and we’re happy to report that we were right! In the past nine months, dozens more of our favorite brands have released PWAs, which means the time has come for us to highlight even more big-name brands we love that are switching to the faster, more engaging mobile tech. Click on the links to explore each PWA on your own (and make sure you’re on your smartphone!) Trivago: If you’re anything like me, you’re always planning your next vacation. Scouting for the best deal on flights and hotels is no small task, but with Trivago’s PWA, that task just got way easier. With great scores for Accessibility, PWA, Best Practices, and SEO on Google’s Lighthouse Audit, more than 500,000 people have added this PWA to their homescreen, and Trivago has seen a 97 percent increase in click rates to hotel offers. Fandango: Movies play an important role here at Lumavate (just ask our development team!), so we absolutely have to highlight Fandango’s PWA. Expertly designed with an a great navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and intuitive to mobile gestures, this PWA mirrors its native app counterpart. But, the best part is its speed! It’s First Contentful Paint is only 3 seconds, which is great news for our antsy development team when they want the latest on all of the current movies.    The Weather Channel: We’ve all been there…excited for outdoor weekend plans only to realize some ominous clouds have started rolling in. But who wants to wait to know whether or not their plans have to move inside? Certainly not me! Looking to The Weather Channel PWA, not only is its speed impressive, but its low connectivity capabilities are perfect for on-the-go outdoor adventurers. Wendy Frazier, vice president of web development at The Weather Company, which runs, sums it up, “For the first time, we can reach people anywhere, which extends our mission to keep people safe and informed. It’s amazing to be able to do that globally, but with local presence and in language to make it relevant. We have the most accurate forecasts and the best data, and progressive technologies give us the ability to provide weather info to users in their preferred experience.” These three examples prove a few important things about PWAs: First, big-name brands continue to realize the powerful tech behind this disruptive mobile shift. Native mobile apps are no longer the only option for engagement with consumers. Second–and possibly better yet–the many benefits PWAs provide users (think: less storage space, faster load times, and no download required) are drawing them away from native apps. Many well-known brands are taking note of this shift in behavior and using progressive mobile tech to answer their customers’ needs.  

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