Brands Leading the Way With Mobile

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by Sarah Poore | Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017

We live in a world where mobile is more popular and vital to customer experience than ever. While the current number of mobile users is at a whopping 4.8 billion, it is expected to grow to 5.5 billion by 2020. And, the number of people searching on a desktop is decreasing while the number of people searching on mobile is increasing. So, what does this mean for brands? It means there’s an unmissable opportunity, and it's becoming ever important to stay relevant and innovative. These three brands are Prime (no pun intended) examples of companies leading the mobile experience. IKEA The Swedish giant has revolutionized the way we buy furniture (as if they hadn’t already with their massive warehouses, low prices, and tasty meatballs). Have you ever seen something in the store or online and closed your eyes to imagine how it would look in your own home? Now, thanks to their mobile app–IKEA Home Planner–you can see exactly what it would look like in your space before you even buy the piece of furniture. Simply take a picture of your space and select the product that you want to see there. First the meatballs, and now an app that lets you see furniture in your home before you buy it? IKEA, you’re making furniture shopping way too easy. Walt Disney World Bippity boppity boo! The lines to order food no longer apply to you! A new feature on the My Disney Experience app allows you to order food from certain locations before you even get there. When you get to the location, you can skip the line and let workers know that you’re ready for your food. Mobile developments like this are similar to others that allow you to pre-order food (Panera, Domino’s, etc.), but this is just one more way that Walt Disney World is putting customers of all ages first. Amazon Amazon continues to utilize their mobile strategy and size to impress. In fact, it is the number one app downloaded by millennials. From the very beginning, Amazon has dominated the market, acquired those who could help them grow, and threatened every brick and mortar store that fails to keep up with them. Amazon makes mobile easy by customizing the home page on your mobile device to suggest things you would like based on prior purchases, and offering one-click buy functionality that eliminates the need to type all of your information in every time you purchase. Amazon also makes delivery easy with Prime’s free one or two day shipping, and Prime Now offers two hour delivery in select cities. Amazon is the strongest example of a brand using mobile strategy to enhance the customer experience, because that is what Amazon is all about.

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