Benefits of Taking on New Digital Projects

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by Michaela Markley | Last Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Until the world gets back to ‘normal’ we are all kind of in a limbo of what to do. What to do while stuck at home, what to do with careers, what to do with elearning, and what to do with the business! There are so many ‘what do I do’ questions. It’s important to ask these questions and just as important to find answers. You might find yourself having a little extra time now. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve felt like you weren’t rushing to commute to work or get the kids out the door. And maybe it’s the first time the business isn’t running you rampid and you actually have time to think about what's next? What’s next for the company? Where is our product/service going? Do you need to improve the product/service because your business blew up over night as work from home became the main office space? No matter your situation at this point in time, you need to be asking yourself, what’s next? This time has forced many businesses to ask themselves what digital projects they should think about pursuing in the next months or years. So, let’s dive into why digital projects are more important than ever to take on and reap the benefits of the ever growing digital environment. Efficiency Reaps Benefits First, efficiency reaps benefits. Becoming efficient doesn’t only reap benefits for the employees but also reaps benefits for the company. Efficiency is maximizing your output with the intended input necessary for the task at hand. Inefficiencies cost money and can waste valuable time for your business and employees. Being able to streamline the work effort of your organization can be a key way to increase the efficiency of your organization. Is there a work management tool you can put in place for the organization after going remote? Are there tools you can use that help streamline your efforts for writing content or posting on social media that weren’t implemented before? Or is there an app idea you’ve been wanting to build out to decrease a friction point for your customer base? These areas can create more efficiency for your team, customers, and your organization overall. Fill the Gaps Second, filling the gaps. Whether it’s internal communication, brand awareness, project management, or any other area of the business; there often is a digital solution that you can implement to quickly address these gaps. . For example, has your company found new gaps that came to light with all employees working from homey? One example that became apparent quickly for many companies involve Internal communications. Without having employees all in similar locations, it became even more important for companies to clearly and quickly communicate to all employees. This need was further escalated by the serious nature of COVID-19 and the ramifications it had for many businesses and local communities. From this need, numerous digital solutions started to appear such as an internal communications app, enhanced features on virtual meeting tools, or creating daily digital pow-wows for the team. There are all different types of ways for a problem to be solved digitally. But you need to find the gap, acknowledge you need a solution, and then find the solution that best fits your needs. Digital projects can seem like they may take ages to implement but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Make sure you have a team dedicated to the initiation and you are working with a company that has both the technical and strategic resources to help you long-term with these initiatives.

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