A Beginner’s Guide to Customizing a No-code App!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Making your app feel like your brand is one of the biggest hurdles of building a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Lumavate, especially since we took out the coding... you are very welcome! Lumavate has tons of great Components and Features that make exploring the Studio feel like you’re a kid again running towards your favorite playground. It can be overwhelming, do you go for the swings or the slide first? Let’s map it out together for maximum app fun! Step One: What are your goals? Other than building an awesome app, what are you trying to accomplish with this app? Do you want to show off your content, products or give insider info? A clear use case for your app is key and any time you feel like you’re at a design crossroads you can circle back to how you answered this question. Whatever your goals are, always keep in mind who you are talking to and what you are promoting. Step Two: Make it look like it’s yours! Now that you have a clear direction, the fun starts! We always recommend starting in the Branding Section -  it’s kind of like warming up on the slide before swinging to the monkey bars. This is where you will make your app feel like it is a part of your brand… because it is. Pick the fonts and colors that align with your vibe. In the Branding Section, you can set it and forget it because everything selected here will populate on other pages so you spend less time writing in HEX codes and more time designing! 🎨 Step Three: Plug and play! Now the real fun starts, building your pages! Always keep in mind your use case but don’t be afraid to think outside the box! If you’re showing off content use YouTube or one of our great Audio Components to showcase the great content you’ve already created. If you’re wanting to show off products, try our Card Components or an Interactive Image to help users feel like they know your product before they even hold it in their hands. Maybe you want to make your app an information hub for your VIPs! Rich Text makes it easy to format bodies of text or try one of the Form Components to get feedback.  Each time you add a Component to your app, it will copy at the bottom of your page but it doesn’t have to stay there! Drag and drop your components all over the page to make it look how you want! Each component has properties that allow you to make it your own. The possibilities are endless with the Lumavate Library of Components. All of them are just waiting for you to add them to your app and customize! Creating a new app or giving one of your favorites a refresh can seem daunting but just remember your goals for the app and have fun playing around. The Studio is your playground!  Check out this training video about editing Components and soon you’ll be swinging on the highest monkey bars with ease!

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