Apple is About to Make Some Big Changes

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Apple live-streamed their highly-anticipated annual keynote on Wednesday so we could follow along on the tech giant’s new releases. The keynotes usually serve as a way for Apple to deliver new product lines and drum up excitement in the tech community. We watched live during Tim Cook’s presentation and recapped some highlights: Yep, this one was predicted: the new Series 4 Apple Watch will have a bigger and thinner screen, plus some new UI features with more combinations available on the face’s screen. This UI feature system lets you access more information on your watch home screen and makes connecting with contacts much easier. Plus, it’s even more water resistant than the Series 3, so don’t worry if it gets a little wet. The Apple team apparently did some research into getting the attention of the older generation, too. There’s also a fall alert function, where the Watch can tell if you’ve fallen and alert authorities if the user doesn’t respond. There’s also an FDA-approved electrocardiogram monitor, which we’ve been waiting to hear more about since I covered the future of wearables in this April blog post. There’s a whole new heart rate system that’s far more accurate at letting you know about spikes and drops so you can report back to your doctor. This may be a major jump start into being able to create better mobile experiences for Apple customers at scale and provide those customers with the tech integrations to make daily life a little bit easier. The Apple team released 3 new iPhones, including an iPhone XS, an iPhone XS Max and a cheaper, more accessible iPhone XR. The XR is pretty similar to the iPhone 5C that was released in 2013, where the phone has less features and is usually less expensive and comes in a few fun colors. The iPhone XS and XS Max are available in 3 colors (space grey, gold, silver) and have the defining feature that was released in the iPhone X–a screen that reaches all the way out to the edges and Face ID technology–plus better camera functions, more waterproof capabilities, and other small changes. One of the other big-deal releases is the eSIM and Dual Sim system, where international travelers could use two phone numbers that are each registered in different countries without having to manually switch a SIM card. As someone who recently traveled to another country, having to go to the phone store and sometimes even explain what you need in a language you aren’t great at is a tough experience. So what does all of this mean for the tech space, now? Well, we’ll expect to see far more integrations with Apple Watch and the new iPhone lines. It’s a unique opportunity for brands to get in on the action by re-upping on their mobile strategies and thinking about mobile moments for every part of the customer journey. Highly-personalized and custom mobile experiences on their new favorite devices like the Apple Watch and iPhone XS can help boost your brand to the next level, all while creating relationships with customers. Need a brief refresher on how to get started on mobile strategy? Check out our whitepaper linked for you right here.

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