Why “App Development Companies Near Me” Is the Wrong Question to Ask

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It is so much easier to do things that are convenient for you. We are all so busy, so when something is close by or on the way to where you're going, it is easier to actually do it. But, if you make all of your decisions from the standpoint of convenience, you will never get anywhere. This is especially true in marketing. If you just stick to the status quo and do what you have always done, you will never move your brand forward. A great way to move your brand forward is by including an app in your mobile marketing strategy. But, if you are going to do this you can’t just ask yourself “okay, what are app development companies near me?”, instead ask yourself “what app development companies will fit my brand’s needs and can help me build an app that customers will be happy with?” Here are some criteria to consider other than distance: Does It Meet You at Your Experience Level? You shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to learn how to use an app builder than actually building the app. Therefore, it is important to select an app development company that will meet you at your app development experience level, whether you are a pro or this is the first time you have ever considered building an app. There are many low code platforms and no code app platforms out there that are specifically designed for those of us (myself included) that don’t know how to code, and don’t have the time to learn how to code. If you fall into this category, take advantage of them! Can You Build the App You Want? The next question you should be asking yourself is, can this app creator build the app you want? To answer this question, you need to have an idea in your head of what kind of app you want. Start with what purpose it is going to serve. Will it be for brand awareness? Events? Internal communication? Whatever it may be, it is important to make sure the app builder has a use case that fits what you need. Also, consider what you want the app to be able to do. If you want there to be a calendar in there, or have the ability to collect contact information, or you want specific branding properties, make sure that the app development platform you choose can provide all of those things. Finally, think about what type of app you want to build. It might be a native mobile app, a web app, a Progressive Web App (PWA), or a hybrid app. There are also different operating systems to consider. If you are building a native mobile app you need to choose between Android app development software and iOS app development software. If you are building on a PWA platform or building a web app, then you can build an app that will work across both operating systems. Clearly there are a ton of options out there, so make sure you are getting what you want out of your app builder. Will Your Customers Be Happy With It?  Most importantly, will your customers be happy with the app you are giving them? At the end of the day, your app will only be successful if your customers are happy with it. So, when building an app, build an app with a user experience that you would want to use. Make the buttons easy to click, gestures logical, and text easy to read (you wouldn’t think we would have to say this one, but we do). All of these little things will improve your app and in turn improve engagement and conversion rates. Also think about how customers can access your app. Will they have to search for it in the app store and download it? Or can they activate it through a QR code or NFC tag? What is easiest for your target audience? Being able to accurately answer that question will help ensure that your app is accessible to your target customers. There are a lot of options when it comes to building an app, and deciding what app development company to work with. But the most important thing is that you are selecting the best app builder for you based on what you want to get out of your app rather than what will be most convenient or “the easy way out”.

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