Is Everyone Using App Builder Software?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The definition of FOMO: fear of missing out. Basically, it’s when a person becomes fearful of missing out on the fun of a certain experience. I am the recipient of this feeling quite often. FOMO goes way beyond just social settings. Marketers can often experience this when looking at someone’s MarTech stack on LinkedIn. Normally I would say you shouldn’t pay attention to what other people were doing, but when it comes to app builder software, you should. Let’s explore why everyone is learning how to build an app without code and why you should too. What Is App Building Software? If you’re wondering what a mobile app builder is, you’re probably late to the party, so let’s review quickly. Before no code app builders, engineers were the ones who primarily developed traditional mobile apps. There’s a lot of training involved, not to mention the long timeline. It can take up to a year to build a native mobile app. App building software solved many of these issues by enabling almost anyone to build a mobile app, no code required. And let’s not forget about the price tag. If something is difficult and takes a long time, it’s safe to assume developing a traditional native mobile app isn’t cheap. But there’s no need to search for a free mobile app builder. Some of the best app builders fit into any budget. Plus with free app development, the lack of features and functionally leave a lot to be desired. Citizen Developer Movement Do you own a laptop? Do you know how to use this laptop? If both of these questions earned a ‘yes’, then you are a citizen developer. Before you email me saying I’m incorrect because you’ve never taken a coding class in your life, let’s go over what a citizen developer is. Coined by Gartner, a citizen developer is an individual in an organization who is capable of using no code or low code software to build business applications. Curious how we got to the point where marketers started cutting out the middleman (AKA, IT) to make mobile apps? Buckle up, it’s a storm that’s been brewing for a while. At some point in your career, you have likely butt heads with IT. Maybe they were so backlogged it would be weeks before they could review an issue you had. Or maybe you went ahead and purchased unapproved software, they found out and scolded you? Whatever the tiff was, no department should take all of the blame for this constant feud. Marketing holds a mindset of needing things ASAP and IT likes to take their sweet time. In a world where digital seems to transform at the speed of light, citizen developers need a way to learn how to create an app from scratch. The Rising Trend of Low Code Platforms  Remember back in March when we were all sent home from work because of COVID-19? That seems like both yesterday and ten years ago for me. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that our way of working will be forever altered by this event (you’ve got a lot more Zoom calls in your future). This can make working on a mobile project rather difficult, especially if you’re working with the Human Resources group on an internal communications app, as an example. Or until now. With a no code app builder, collaborating with other individuals in your organization has become so much easier. You can split the workload up between your team, and review different pages of the app through the low code platform. There’s no need to coordinate schedules to set up a virtual meeting and to share screens to review what the mobile app will look like. And you’ll learn how to create an app without coding pretty quick; low code platforms are pretty intuitive when it comes to building an app thanks to drag and drop capabilities. Even if everyone isn’t using app building software today, I predict by the end of the year they will. App development software for beginners will cut down on the various MarTech platforms you currently subscribe to. Plus, you get to control what your app will look like. Things won’t get lost in translation and you can control the pace at which it’s created. Finally convinced to partner with a mobile app builder? Check out these mobile design tips and tricks before you hit publish on your mobile app!

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