Why 5G Is A Big Deal

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Indianapolis is quite the tech hub these days–Salesforce is here, Lumavate is here (wink, wink), we’re still in the running for Amazon HQ2, and more recently, AT&T and Verizon both announced they’re delivering us 5G on a city-wide scale. As one of the first in a batch of U.S. cities to get the fastest speeds on 5G, it’s a major win for companies and at-home customers in the Indy area. And, it’s telling of what’s to come for the cities that follow suit. Before we get too excited, let’s back it up and see why 5G matters. The Difference Right now, the fastest internet speed available is 4G and, sadly, you rarely get to experience its fastest speeds. Other network signals, buildings, or even Hot Pockets in the microwave can get in the way of 4G connections. 5G bypasses all of this and makes it far quicker to be able to stream the newest shows and music, or connect with your Lyft driver. 5G has a set download speed goal of 20 Gbps, which means you could stream Netflix, check out the halftime score, or pay bills on your phone almost 500 times faster than with 4G LTE at its fastest. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about spotty connections or super-slow loading speeds. Why It Matters on Mobile Ok, let’s get real: with the current 4G LTE speeds available, it’s not likely that regular phone users will notice a huge difference right off the bat when they’re scrolling Twitter or Instagram. But the implications of this change go way beyond your browsing speed. With more and more industries relying on internet connectivity to function, 5G will become far more important. Companies like Tesla or Uber that want to bring in autonomous vehicles will need to be able to connect to servers as quickly and consistently as possible to make split-second decisions on the road. VR and AR experiences will require massive amounts of information that have to be streamed at a moment’s notice to create new experiences for brands in XR. It’s an endless cycle of companies needing faster and better internet service to be able to innovate in the digital space and create better customer experiences. We’re gearing up for the lightning-fast future of mobile, and as a company that plays right into the need-for-mobile-speed, we are absolutely pumped about this announcement. With a new wave of tech innovation, expect to see more and more cities becoming equipped with 5G.

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