5 Companies Winning with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

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by Matt Labus | Last Updated: Jun 5, 2018

As we all know, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we market to our customers. Since 85 percent of global business executives believe it will give their companies a competitive advantage, it’s crucial to learn how companies are using AI to win. One of this year’s hottest B2C marketing trends is AI-powered chatbots, but due to their complexity, many brands have cold feet when it comes to implementing them. As these well-trained chatbots become more of “the norm” (80 percent of companies have a desire to make use of the new tech by 2020), they are expected to cut business expenses by $8 billion by 2022. Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s stand-alone messaging app, is one of the most popular platforms used by companies to integrate this exciting technology into a company’s marketing strategy.  Let’s look at five companies that are paving the way in the era of Facebook Messenger chatbots. Spotify The digital music giant uses an AI-powered chatbot to help its users find the music that matches their style. This customer service chatbot explains how to use the features of Spotify, helps find the type of music you need based on your mood, and even allows you to send 30-second clips of songs to your Facebook friends that can be streamed through the Messenger app itself. The Wall Street Journal The widely-used daily news provider uses the bot system to provide trending news updates. Not only did this bot enable the WSJ to reach a younger audience, but it also acquired 130,000 daily active users within the first 14 months of the bot’s use. The Golden State Warriors One of the NBA’s most popular teams uses a Facebook messenger bot to deliver NBA Playoff information on all-things Warriors, including game scores, highlights, merchandise information, player stats, arena parking, and more. The Warriors boasted a staggering 4.3 million messages sent to users in the first two months! Love Your Melon The growing apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America uses a messenger bot to provide details on products and to inform consumers about upcoming promotions. Love Your Melon saw a 14x greater return on ad spend using sponsored messages. HDFC Bank The Indian bank created a Facebook Messenger bot to enhance its mobile presence by allowing users to purchase airline, bus, and game tickets, and pay their monthly bills. After the bot’s creation, HDFC Bank had 137,000 new account sign-ups via phone registration, as well as $16.7 million worth of purchases through the chatbot! The Shift Towards AI-Powered Chatbots is Now The trend toward using AI to aid in the personalization of B2C communication is becoming a hot commodity for businesses across all industries. Facebook Messenger has provided a platform for many businesses to utilize this efficient marketing strategy today, but Facebook is not the be-all end-all! Apple is finalizing a B2C communication system similar to Facebook’s in its platform called Business Chat. We will continue to see other platforms that are similar to Facebook as companies begin to turn to the intelligent AI-powered chatbot to boost their customer-facing communication strategies.

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