4 Lead Capture Stats B2B Marketers Need to Know

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Let’s talk lead gen. It’s the most important part of our job as B2B marketers, but we often revert to our old habits when it comes to how we handle lead capture. (Multi-field forms, anyone?) There are a few major trends that are pointing us in a new direction, and we’re here to break down some of the stats that could help you revamp your lead capture process to see some major payoffs. 

Chatbots are 4-5x More Likely to Convert Than other Lead Sources Chatbots are actually taking over, but don’t worry! It’s a good kind of bot invasion! Because as chatbots get smarter and smarter, they’re making lead capture easier and easier for you and for your prospects. Using natural, conversational dialogue, chatbots allow customers to engage with brands on their own terms, and make lead capture a little less rigid. 

Progressive Profiling Yields a 42% Increase in Form Submissions Think about it: would you be more likely to fill out a form if it has 12 fields, or 2? I know, I know. You can’t imagine only asking for 2 pieces of information in order to hand over some of your most precious content. But here’s where Progressive Profiling comes in: that initial capture is just the beginning! Progressive Profiling is all about collecting only the information you need at that time, and customizing dynamic forms to populate based on what you already know about that prospect. So if you’re sending a piece of content, all you really need is their email and their name. If the idea gives you pause, spin up a quick A/B test for your next piece of gated content and see which form gets better conversions.

96% of Website Visitors Are Not Ready to Purchase Ok, this one might seem a little out of left field, but stick with me. Knowing that the vast majority of your website visitors aren’t ready to purchase should absolutely affect the way in which you capture their information. For example, don’t use a full-page pop up to ask them if they want a demo on first visit. Instead, focus on getting them the information they need and earning their trust. That way they’ll be more likely to come back and willingly give you their time.

Nurtured Leads Produce 20% More Sales Opportunities This is the perfect next step from our previous two points. If you implement Progressive Profiling and ensure that you’re focusing on giving the customer what they need based on personal details like how often they’ve visited your site, what industry they’re in, etc., you’ll have a much easier time nurturing your lead toward a sales qualified lead. Start by capturing just their name and email for a piece of content, then the next time they’re on the site, utilize a chat bot to glean what industry they’re in so you can continue to send them relevant content. Then, email them some industry-specific content and throw in a “P.S.” with some information on your offerings for their industry, with a “Schedule A Demo” link right in the email...and so on. Everybody’s lead nurture program will look different, but a little personalization certainly goes a long way.

There’s a lot on our plate as B2B marketers (trust me, I am one!), but lead capture shouldn’t be the thing keeping us up at night. Always take a customer-first approach to capturing lead information, and make sure you’re always adding value to the customer’s experience. You’ll not only earn their trust, but you’ll likely be working you way toward earning their precious information. 

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