Your guide to choosing the best no code app builder for your companies digital experiences.

Best No Code App Builder

Best No Code App Builder

We live in a world today that is teeming with technology. With new software being developed every day and advanced technology becoming more sophisticated by the second, it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything. One area that has seen tons of advancement recently is mobile application development. We all use mobile apps every single day. Whether you’re communicating with your friends or playing the newest game on your iPhone, mobile apps are used constantly. But are you familiar with how these apps are made? Some of the most common types of apps built today are native apps or Progressive Web Apps.

How to Choose an App

Now you may be wondering how to choose which type of app is right for you. To answer this effectively, we’ll provide a little background on what these terms mean. Native apps are the common apps you’re used to. These are the apps that you see in app stores. But when developing these apps, it’s a pretty lengthy process. One of the reasons being is that two separate development processes need to happen: one for iOS devices and one for Android devices. This causes a lengthy rollout process and tons of money given the need to develop the same app twice. On the other hand, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) work a lot differently. One of the key differences is that these applications only need to be built once, then they can work on any form factor or device! Additionally, these apps are housed on the web instead of the app, so that means faster response times and many other features!

Choose Lumavate Today

Obviously, Progressive Web Apps are the way to go in this day and age. And luckily, Lumavate is here to help you build these apps with ease. We are proud to be a user-friendly app builder that is built specifically for marketers! If you’ve been checking the web for the best app builder 2021 and the best app builder 2022, then you’ve probably seen many new companies on those lists. That’s because these software companies are growing at a rapid rate. If you’re looking for the very best app builder for 2020, then Lumavate is the answer!

Best Free App Builder

Like we just mentioned, there are many different app builders on the market today. And with how fast software is being built, we expect to see many more app builders in the near future. Given this influx of app building software nowadays, there are many providers that offer free software options. But do you research before you partner with a free app builder. All in all, you want a mobile app that offers many benefits for your customers, so you want to ensure that your app builder comes equipped with many features and awesome benefits for the app users.

Free Examples

As an effort to help you meander around the landscape of app builders, we’re about to give you some of the free app builders to look out for. Take a look at these examples free app builder 2021 list and free app builder 2022 list:

  • Lumavate
  • Adalo
  • AppMakr
  • GameSalad
  • Appy Pie
  • Appery
  • Swiftic

While many of these options provide access for free, many of them are also suitable for building apps without any coding language needed. This makes it simple for anyone to develop apps in just minutes. Lumavate is the best free no code app builder that can help you build remarkable apps built with tons of features. Get started for free on Lumavate today! 

App Building Software

Like we said previously, there are many app builders used today. Before choosing a provider, an organization may start a free trial or choose a platform that is suited for their specific niche or industry. On many occasions, companies will try to target big-time companies to see if they offer an app-building solution. One large company that many organizations will target is Android.

Android App Maker

So does Android have an app maker? Yes, they sure do. It is called the Google App Maker. Many users are pleased with this platform and they do offer a free trial for getting started. On the other hand, these apps can’t be used on iOS devices. Additionally, you have to be online to use this app making software. Another downfall of this program is that you have to be somewhat knowledgeable about coding to use this platform effectively. So given the lack of Android app maker software offline capabilities and the fact that you can only build Android apps, this platform may not be suitable for your needs. However, given that there is an Android app maker software free download to get started, many people feel the need to give the platform a try.

We Harness the Power of PWAs

Even if a database application builder free of charge claims to offer tons of features and fast, responsive apps, you should be very cautious when dealing with a free mobile app builder without doing your research into the features they offer. In addition, many of them don’t allow you to build Progressive Web Apps, which are the combination of the web and everything you love about native mobile apps. Here at Lumavate, we help you build PWAs with ease. Instead of searching for how to create Android app online without coding experience, we’ll show you exactly what these apps can do for your business with PWAs..

Appy Pie

While there are tons of app builders on the market today, Appy Pie is one that is used by many. Appy Pie is a mobile app builder that was released for Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry operating systems. Many users use this platform because it allows them to easily build a wide variety of apps quickly. Let’s take a look at an Appy Pie review that dives into pricing, features, success stories, and more.

AppyPie Pricing

Appy Pie offers many different pricing packages. One of their most popular options is the Appy Pie free account that’s called Snappy Appy Pie. They also offer a free trial and three other additional packages that are categorized as Basic, Gold, or Platinum.

Appy Pie Features

Appy Pie also comes equipped with many great features, but you’ll have to pay more to get the full lineup. They offer features like:

  • Cloud-based functionalities
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Real-time app updates
  • User-friendly platform

As you can see, there are many pleasing features offered by this platform. Also, they have been around for a few years now, so they hold a solid reputation in the industry.

Appy Pie Success Stories

While we can sit here all day and tell you about the features, pricing, and capabilities of Appy Pie, sometimes it’s better to hear some success stories.

App for King’s College Hospital

An app solution that Appy Pie is very happy about is their app built for King’s College Hospital. Appy Pie found an affordable solution that created a very user-friendly interface for users. This was especially useful for those with limited technical experience. The app was so successful, it was listed as the top new Medical App on Google Play Store in March 2019.

Appy Pie Dashboard

Another plus of the Appy Pie platform is the dashboard. They offer a wide selection of options in order to build a dashboard and the way the dashboard is organized is very user-friendly. Users are able to customize their dashboard to better cater to their needs, which is a huge benefit for users.

Appy Pie App Store Features

Once users are finished building their apps, they can easily publish them on all of the major app stores. This makes it easy for others to download the app and begin working on the program right away!

But if you’re looking for a no code app builder that marketers love, look no further. Lumavate is trusted by thousands of users. Don’t believe us? Try us for yourself! 

Mobile App Builder

When mobile apps have been built in years past, organizations typically hired a development shop to handle everything. However, this caused many headaches for businesses. For one, updates were a huge issue. Instead of controlling updates manually, these outsource development shops would handle the updates and handle the whole process altogether. This left organizations out of the loop when it came to the process, which caused a lot of frustration and confusion. Furthermore, given the high costs of this service, the frustration spiked even higher. When low code and no code application maker software hit the scene, the world of app building was changed forever.

Low Code Interactive App Builder Options

While we’ve talked about no code app builders, have you heard of low code builders? These are very similar to no code app makers, but the user does need some knowledge about coding in order to build apps. These platforms vary greatly: one might require a lot of coding to build apps while another might only need very minimal coding efforts. If you're interested in one of these platforms, then there are a wide variety of options out there. If you have someone on your team who is somewhat knowledgeable about coding, then this may be the approach for you.

How to Create a Mobile App

Now we’ll briefly talk about how to design a mobile app with one of these platforms. Once you sign up, then you’ll probably want to look over some tutorial videos or speak to an expert who can help you get comfortable with the platform. One tactic when just starting out is to use templates, which come included with many platforms. With Lumavate, we offer tons of templates called Starter Kits, which is one reason why we’re the perfect app development software for beginners. You may find an app creator software free download, but chances are they don’t offer these one-of-a-kind Starter Kits! Check out this video for a guide on how to build an app by yourself. 

Other Platforms

If you do a quick internet search for no code or low code platforms, then you may see some of these companies:

  • Zoho Creator
  • Appery
  • Adalo
  • Betty Blocks
  • Outsystems
  • The App Builder
  • Mobile Roadie

Why You Need Lumavate

One reason to choose Lumavate over our competitors is that we are the only no code platform that allows users to create Progressive Web Apps. These are the apps of the present and these are the apps that will power our future. While a free app builder will rarely help you learn how to create an app for free and make money, Lumavate is focused on helping your business grow quickly. Start building powerful apps with Lumavate today!

No Code App Builder

The standard way of building apps is long gone. This was called native app development. Once these apps were built, they would truly be “native” to that device and sync with contacts, pictures, videos, and more. But the big downfall with these is that they have to be built for both Android and iOS devices. But when you build with Lumavate, our no code web app builder allows you to build an app once, then it works on all operating systems and any device. Another benefit is that Lumavate is a no code web app builder open source solution, which means we have app-building elements that are created by our developers that can be used by all of our users! If you want a software builder without programming knowledge needed, then get started with Lumavate today!

Web Based Database Application

Lumavate is made possible thanks to web application builder technology. That means that these apps are accessed and managed over the web instead of on the app itself. This creates a much more responsive app and the cached features allow these apps to be used offline! However, it’s important to distinguish the differences between a web app and a Progressive Web App. A PWA is essentially a web app, but it has added features that make it a “boosted” app. One of those features is referred to as progressive enhancement patterns. This allows apps to work on any internet browser. If you’re tired of seeing free web app builder options and companies that claim to provide website to app free of charge, then try Lumavate today to see even more reasons why we beat out the competition!

See Lumavate in Action

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