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How to Develop an App Marketing Strategy

How to Market An App Successfully

The world has become mobile obsessed ever since the introduction of smartphones. Our phones are rarely out of arm's reach. So, it is a good idea to include a mobile app in your brand’s marketing strategy. However, as important as it is to have a mobile app for marketing, it is equally as important to market your mobile app. Whether it is for gaming app marketing or marketing for an app to engage with consumers, it is important brands know how to bring an app to market, and once the app is available, how to market an app successfully. With the plethora of apps that are available today, it is important that your app is in your consumer’s top 5 apps. If it isn’t, it is likely consumers will forget about it and while activation might be high, engagement will be low. Therefore, understanding about mobile app marketing 2022 strategies is crucial. When thinking about your business promotion app strategy, considering consumer behavior is essential. You want to run your app marketing campaigns on channels where your consumers are present and active. You should also think about how to promote an app offline. Although your digital experience is designed for a mobile device, it can be beneficial to engage your consumers outside of mobile as well. If you are looking for extra support to successfully market your mobile app or game, you might consider working with a mobile app or mobile game marketing agency.

When thinking about marketing your app, you must be aware of how best marketing practices will differ depending on the type of app. For example, if you choose to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) you can promote the app and increase conversion rates by creating an SEO strategy. However, native mobile apps are not searchable like a PWA, therefore a search engine marketing strategy will not be effective. The type of app will also change the messaging involved in promotion. When marketing a PWA, you would want to highlight how this app does not require a download and that it can run offline.

App Marketing Strategy

Having a mobile app marketing strategy is just as important as any other marketing strategy, and it should not be overlooked. When creating an app marketing strategy, whether it be a game app marketing strategy or a brand app marketing strategy, you must consider the time from when the consumer first learns about your product until they are a loyal user. Having a strategy for every step in the consumer adoption process is the best way to make your app stand out. Within your mobile app marketing strategy, you should define your target audience, their behavior, how you will communicate with them and what channels you will use, and what campaigns will be run. It is also important to include specific goals that you want to meet to measure your success. When thinking through your app marketing strategy, looking into app marketing strategy 2019 and app marketing strategy 2020 is a great way to understand what the current app marketing trends are, and how consumers respond to them. Additionally, when creating an app marketing strategy, you must remember you have to continue marketing even after you begin to acquire customers. The goal with an app is not for it to be a one-time use app, but to build a loyal consumer base with high engagement rates.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy Template

Using a mobile app marketing strategy template is a great way to get started thinking about your app marketing strategy. Using a template will help you learn about what components should be included in your marketing strategy, and will help you critically think about who your target audience is, and what your app can offer them. You might also consider looking for an android marketing strategy PDF, and an iOS app marketing strategy PDF because best app practices can slightly vary for different operating systems. However, if you are marketing a PWA, developing separate apps and separate marketing strategies will not be necessary because a PWA can run across all operating systems.

Mobile App Marketing Plan Example

In addition to having  a mobile app marketing strategy, it is also important to have a mobile app marketing plan. A marketing plan should be a written document that brings together all of the strategies you will use to market your mobile app, as well as, include a timeline and a budget. You probably already have a marketing plan for traditional and digital marketing practices, so why not make one for you app marketing practices as well? Having a marketing plan for mobile app launch is crucial if you want your app to be successful, and get your consumers to pay attention to it. In order to write a thorough marketing plan, you might consider using an app marketing plan template. A mobile app marketing plan template will be helpful to make sure you are including all of the necessary elements to be successful. There are also additional resources like a mobile app marketing plan pdf or mobile app marketing plan ppt. Looking at documents and PowerPoints can help you learn more about app marketing before solidifying any marketing decisions.

There are many mobile app marketing plan examples out there. Looking at a real life example of a company who markets their mobile app well is very beneficial. For example, if you are a CPG company, you might want to look at other CPG brand’s apps and assess what works well and what doesn’t. The same can be done with retail or events etc. However, it is important that when you use examples of other successful apps, that you are not just blindly copying their strategies. Every business is different and you will either have to scale the strategy up or down depending on company size, and adjust it for your marketing team’s strengths and your target audience.

App Marketing Ideas

Don’t forget about incorporating creativity when thinking about app marketing ideas. Using data driven techniques and search engine strategies are a great way to be successful, but you also need to brainstorm creative app marketing ideas that will grab your consumer’s attention. Some app launch campaign ideas are to use interactive digital experiences to engage consumers. Examples of this are using augmented reality to offer an enriching experience. Warby Parker used this strategy for one of their mobile app marketing campaigns. The glasses brand created a feature in their app that let consumers to try on glasses virtually, and provide face measurements so the app could provide them with recommendations. A mobile app campaign idea Starbucks used was to create a content marketing strategy. Starbucks asked consumers to share pictures of their drinks on Instagram, and the Starbucks Instagram account would repost them. This encouraged consumers to visit the brands Instagram page where they would see promotion for their app. These are just two of many ways brands can creatively market their apps. It is also a good idea to look at examples of campaigns to get inspiration, but not all marketing for apps will be the same. For example the best mobile game marketing campaigns will be different from the best eCommerce app marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Plan for Mobile App

Digital marketing is any marketing effort that takes place through a digital channel. For example social media, a website, paid ads, and apps etc. Digital marketing can also be further broken down into mobile marketing, which is marketing for mobile devices. Using digital and mobile marketing to promote an app is a great idea, because the consumers are already online or on mobile which is where they will be able to access your app. A digital marketing strategy for app launches can include a variety of things. You might consider using paid ads on Facebook or LinkedIn so consumers see your app when they are on social channels. If you choose to use paid ads in your digital marketing plan for mobile apps, make sure you know what social media channels your consumers use. You can also use activation technology such as QR Codes, NFC, or SMS as a way for consumers to easily access your app. These strategies work particularly well for PWAs because they can be accessed through the web, and do not require a download.

Mobile App Marketing Course

Marketing is an ever-changing field, and it is important marketers are continuously learning and staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. With that being said it is important marketers take the time to learn about app marketing. Apps are an important part of everyday life, and therefore a great way to engage with consumers on a daily basis, if done correctly. To learn about best app marketing practices, there are many resources available like a mobile app marketing course, a mobile game marketing course, or a mobile app marketing guide. It is also beneficial to learn from other companies who specialize in app marketing, or have a strong app marketing strategy. In that case you could look for a mobile app or mobile game marketing case study. This is a great way to see a success story and get concrete data regarding effective campaigns and strategies. Once you feel like you have gained a strong base in app marketing, it is time to build out your app marketing strategy, but the learning doesn’t have to stop! Look for mobile app startup business plan PDF resources or an app marketing strategy PPT. These are great ways to make sure your app marketing strategy starts off in the right direction.

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