One of the best strategies for app marketing is to hire specialists to do it for you. Read more to find out what benefits you could achieve through the help of an App Marketing Company.

Why App Marketing Companies are Worth Your While

App Marketing Company

Today, more than two thirds of the world owns a smartphone, and this high smartphone use leads to more time on mobile, which leads to more brands building apps. Apps are a great tool when it comes to marketing as a way to engage with consumers, provide resources, content, rewards and more. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are especially effective as they can function offline in low to no service areas. They also run faster than native mobile apps, and provide a high quality user experience. Lumavate’s Platform lets marketers easily, and quickly build their own PWAs, and provides ample resources to help users do so. With a rise in digital experience platforms like Lumavate, there has been an increase in apps out on the market. Therefore, simply having an app is no longer enough to set yourself apart. You need to make sure you are marketing your app so consumers are discovering. To do this, you might consider an app marketing company.

An app marketing company that specializes in promoting apps and driving user acquisition through multiple channels. This promotion can happen in a variety of ways from app store optimization, mobile media buying, mobile app marketing campaigns, and more. When thinking about choosing an app marketing company there are many different services to consider.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is a similar concept to search engine optimization (SEO). App store optimization is the process of increasing your visibility and conversion rates in the app store, by having your app appear towards the top of search results. ASO is a great way to begin marketing your app because visibility and discovery are key to getting more downloads. There are many mobile app agencies that focus specifically on ASO, for example App Radar and AppFillip are two agencies that focus on ASO. Through these services you can get started building an ASO strategy for your app. One important consideration of ASO is what kind of app you are building. Native mobile apps need an ASO strategy, but if you are considering a PWA, you do not need to build out an ASO strategy different from your SEO strategy because PWAs are searchable. Since PWAs are hosted through the web, your SEO practices will improve the discoverability for your website and your app.

Mobile App Marketing Agency

Mobile app marketing agencies offer many more services than app store optimization. Some other services can be employed to improve app marketing strategies are like press releases, paid ad campaigns, video marketing, and consulting services. The best mobile app marketing agency will be different for every brand depending on what their marketing needs, and marketing strategies are. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of what services you are looking to gain before deciding on a mobile app marketing service. Some examples of mobile app marketing agencies include Preapps and Studio Mosaic. There is also an option to look to other countries for app marketing services. There are many app marketing companies in India and mobile app marketing agencies in India. It is also a good idea to look at the reviews of app marketing companies to see how satisfied other consumers were with their services. A common review platform is Clutch. To find reviews on clutch you can look for Preapps Clutch or Studio Mosaic Clutch to find reviews and stories from their customers.

Yodel Marketing

Yodel Mobile is a leading global app marketing agency. The Yodel Mobile Founder and Yodel Mobile CEO is Mick Rigby. The company was founded back in 2007 in London, and in 2019 became the top mobile app marketing agency. Some of the main services Yodel Mobile offers are an app launch program, app store optimization, an app launch strategy, and paid user acquisition. They also provide a blog that shares updates and best practices in the app industry, resources to understand the user marketing lifecycle, and have had experience working with many major global brands. Yodel Mobile is a very reputable company, and might be the right choice for some brands, but just because they are a leader in the industry does not mean they are the right fit for every brand. To determine if Yodel Mobile is the right fit for you it is a good idea to look at Yodel Mobile Clutch reviews and at the Yodel Mobile LinkedIn page.

App Marketing Ideas

When it comes to app marketing ideas, some of the things you want to think about are app discovery, app installs, and app use. The best app marketing strategy will make your app easy for consumers to discover either through ASO, paid app promotion, social media promotion, and a simple activation strategy (QR codes, NFC, or URL). It is also important you don’t forget creativity when thinking through your app marketing strategy. The chosen app marketing campaign must be engaging enough to the consumers that it gets them to look at the app and download it. This is especially important if you have a native mobile app because the consumer must be convinced enough to download the app. However, if the marketing campaign is for a PWA, there is no download required and the user will just have to get to the PWA on the web to start using the app, and then once they have used the app they can decide to save it to their home screen.

Best App Marketing Campaigns

The best app marketing campaigns will vary from brand to brand. When setting up your app marketing campaign, you first want to think about what channels your consumers are present on. Once these channels are determined, that will point you in the direction of what channels your campaign should focus on. Starbucks is a great example of this. Starbucks focused on an online marketing app campaign, primarily social media, for marketing their PWA. Starbucks found that a large number of their consumer base is on social media, so they launched an Instagram campaign where consumers could send them pictures of their favorite Starbucks drink, and they would feature it on their page. They also included the link to their PWA in these posts and their bio.

Digital Marketing Agency

The importance of digital marketing has skyrocketed in the past years, and it has become hard to distinguish between digital marketing and traditional marketing. As consumers, we spend so much time online, whether it be on our mobile devices or desktop, so it is important that brands are building a digital presence to connect with consumers on various online platforms. Due to the digital transformation we have seen across the globe, there are many digital marketing agencies, like Udonis Inc, emerging to help companies build out their digital marketing strategies. There are a variety of digital marketing agencies out there that offer a variety of services. Some services that you could look to an agency for are SEO practices, paid ad strategies, QR codes, chatbots, social media strategies, and more. When looking for these services, it might be enticing to look for the top marketing agencies, or one located in big cities like a digital mobile agency in NYC, but there are also benefits to going with smaller local companies, like a website design Indianapolis company. Oftentimes you will have more control over the outcome when you work with a company you can build personal relationships, and since digital marketing is so important today, it is smart to work with an agency that provides the right services, for the right price, and with exceptional customer service.

Digital Marketing Agency Indianapolis

There are many digital marketing agencies in Indianapolis, and advertising agencies in Indianapolis. Digital marketing agencies can range from full service agencies that include digital and advertising services like Well Done Marketing, Willow Marketing, and Velocity Mobile Marketing. There are also more specific digital marketing companies like Imavex Marketing that focus on website marketing, or Firebelly Marketing that focuses on social media marketing strategies.

Mobile Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies can get even more specific with their services by focusing on mobile marketing services. Mobile marketing agencies are similar to digital marketing, but they focus on marketing on mobile devices. There are a variety of marketing strategies that are highly effective that are designed specifically for mobile devices, for example, PWAs. Lumavate focuses on helping marketers develop a mobile marketing strategy by empowering them to easily build their own PWAs, and engage with consumers on mobile. In addition to PWAs, you can also find a mobile marketing agency that specializes in a variety of other mobile marketing practices, SMS campaigns, mobile websites, or integrating voice strategies, and more. There are many companies that use mobile marketing today already, and more and more companies are starting to follow this trend.

Mobile Marketing Examples

Mobile marketing is a subset of digital marketing, and it focuses on marketing directed towards mobile devices. Recently, there has been a push for brands to develop a mobile-first mindset. With consumers relying so much on smartphones and mobile devices to access the web, it is important websites are designed to fit a mobile device and maintain a quality user experience. So, it is encouraged to first design experiences for mobile and then scale them up to desktop rather than vice-versa. Some examples of mobile marketing examples include the adoption of mobile apps, wearable technology like an apple watch, augmented reality that can be accessed on a mobile device, QR codes, etc.

There are many mobile marketing service providers out there, and you can find mobile marketing examples in India, the US, the UK, and all across the world. To narrow down the search, brainstorm what mobile marketing services you are looking for, and then solely looking for mobile marketers that provide those services.

App Promotion

Promoting your app is very important, and there are multiple app promotion strategies out there to consider. One option is to promote your app through your own channels, like your brand’s website and social media platforms. This is an effective promotion strategy if your consumers are frequently active on social media, and you have a large following. Another app promotion strategy is increasing the searchability of your app. If you have a native mobile app you would want to focus on ASO, and if you have a PWA you can focus on SEO efforts. There is also an option to outsource your promotion efforts to an app promotion company. Using app promotion services is a good idea if your team will not have the resources to build out a thorough promotion strategy. Promoting your app is crucial if you want consumers to discover it. There are so many apps out on the market today, that if your app is not in your consumers top 5, you may struggle with adoption. Therefore, investing in app promotion services is not a bad idea. When looking for these services you should consider what features you want, what your timeline is, and what your budget is. If you don’t have a large budget you may want to look for cheap app promotion services, but make sure you are not sacrificing the quality of the service.

Get App Installs

Gaining app installs is one of many analytics to measure mobile app success. There are multiple ways to get app installs, for example through app store optimization practices or buying app installs. Both of these practices will help your app rank higher in the app store. In order to increase app store optimization and app installs, you should employ an app installation service. It is also important to collect a wide range of analytics surrounding your app, and to not just base success on app installs, You also want to measure engagement through time spent on the app, pages visited etc.

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