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App Development Template

App Development Template 

Developing an app can be incredibly complex. It only makes sense that many want to acquire an app development template, or even an app development timeline template. When you first start developing an app, the entire process can seem intimidating. Just an app development scope of work example can at least show you some rudimentary information about what you're going to need to do. 

When developing an app, you can begin with a software development proposal template doc. From the software technical proposal template, you'll usually move on to storyboarding your app. Storyboarding is the process of outlining how the app will work when users interact with it, step by step, and it's one of the most useful things you can do to organize your ideas.

This can get very technical. Lumavate has Starter Kits for apps such as Wayfinding, Content Distribution, Podcast, Internal Communications, Events, Lead Registration, and Internal Trade Show apps. Marketers don't need to start with messy templates or start creating their own design documents. Instead, marketers are able to quickly and effectively build and deploy digital experiences at scale.

Even better, Lumavate is an entirely no code platform that doesn't require any programming knowledge. So, marketers are able to become app developers overnight, or even within a few minutes. Users are able to utilize the platform in a WYSIWYG mechanic, and they're able to use regular logic to create their digital experiences.  This page will further outline how you can use Lumavate's powerful digital experience platform to create apps.

How to Outline an App Idea

Simply creating an idea for an app can be a challenge. You know that your organization needs an app, but how should the app work, look, and feel? Here's how to outline an app idea.

Outlining an app idea is a lot like how to write a brief for an app developer, or how to write an app idea proposal. But internally, it'll be used to guide your marketing team in developing the right app. You can look up how to write an app idea proposal PDF or an app promotion proposal first.

To begin with, you need to understand what your organization's needs are, and what your clients need. What do your users want to see from an app? Are your users going to be customers or employees? From there, you'll be able to figure out how the app should work. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the core features the user should have access to?
  • How should these features work?
  • What budget does the company have?
  • What is the timeline and deadline for this project?
  • What platforms should it be available on?

Often, budget, timeline, and scope is going to be the determining factor regarding how extensive the application's features are. After all, every business can create a robust suite of tools for their customers, but it demands both time and money.

With Lumavate, since the control is in the organization's hands, the organization is able to build out more tools for fewer resources. And because Lumavate deploys Progressive Web Apps, you don't need to worry about whether you need your solution on iOS or Android. It's going to be on both.

Android App Development Proposal Sample

For native web apps, it's important to develop both an Android and iOS app. Today, there are more users available on Android than iOS, but iOS is still a significant chunk of clientele. With an Android app, you need to develop a native mobile app that works on that operating system, and your developer (or another developer entirely) will need to port it to iOS.

This is important to remember if you're currently looking up an Android app development proposal doc, because an Android app development proposal PDF is going to be only for that given platform. Your Android app development proposal sample is going to have to be entirely redesigned for iOS because the Android app development proposal sample doc will utilize native features on Android rather than iOS.

If you want to avoid these types of issues, you can instead consider a Progressive Web App. A progressive web app doesn't require a specific android app development proposal sample PDF or an Android app proposal PDF, because Progressive Web Apps are usable on both iOS and Android without any additional changes. Rather than going through a native iOS and Android training proposal, you can instead focus on developing your app to the best of its capabilities on either platform.

Lumavate deploys fantastic PWAs that can be developed by marketers, not developers, and that's what makes Lumavate so special. 

eCommerce Android App Documentation 

Let's say you want to develop an eCommerce android app. It makes sense. Consumers are shopping online with their mobile devices with startling frequency. There are a number of best practices for developing apps for eCommerce, and eCommerce can be a complicated field to go into. You would start with eCommerce Android app documentation, build an eCommerce android app project report, and eventually create an eCommerce mobile app development proposal. Then you would work on it internally or externally with the eCommerce mobile app development proposal PDF.

But it isn't always good to create an eCommerce app simply because competition is making one. If you're not skilled in developing an eCommerce app, creating an eCommerce stream can be disadvantageous, particularly in the areas of security and usability. Without proper documentation and processes, you may create something that is difficult for your company to manage, as well as something that is inherently not well-secured. Today, regulations for privacy and security make it very dangerous for a developer to move into the world of eCommerce without knowing what they're doing.

But Lumavate can help. Lumavate has Starter Kits for those who want to start developing an eCommerce portal, and open source code snippets for those who want to add features without having to redesign them from scratch. Lumavate doesn't create Android apps, but Progressive Web Apps that can be viewed on any platform, whether it's iOS, Android, or Windows.

Mobile App Development Cost Calculator

Before you really commit to developing an app, you need to know how much it's going to cost. There's always an ongoing battle between build vs buy. It's going to depend on the type of app you develop.

Before you go into a mobile app development cost calculator, you need to know whether you're developing a native app or Progressive Web App. A native mobile app development proposal template Word will show as being more expensive than a progressive mobile app development quotation, because PWAs are all platform at once, while native apps have to be developed for each discretely.

Further, your mobile app proposal presentation will include a variety of features. Your mobile app requirements document PDF should outline which of those features have to be developed and which can just be plugged in. You may also need to look at a similar mobile application project description sample for more ideas.

With Lumavate, you can develop an app with very little time or resources. But you still need a clear plan to ensure that you know what you want to build.

Mobile Banking App Proposal

There are many types of app proposal and they should all follow roughly the same guidelines. They should include the description of the company, scope of work, price, features, and functionality, as well as the overall user experience. There are many mobile banking app proposal ideas out there and even an eCommerce mobile app proposal pdf you can download. But you should be aware that a mobile banking app is, of course, one of the more challenging apps to develop.

When estimating mobile app development, look at similar apps. Sketch App proposal template information will give you a rough idea of what you can expect in terms of a timeline, but a free mobile app development proposal template Word can also come from anywhere. Make sure that it seems reasonable to you, that it includes all the things you need, and that it doesn't leave out anything vital. 

The more time you spend on your proposal and estimations, the less likely it is for you to encounter anything challenging.

Simple Web Design Proposal Template

What are some things to consider when writing a web design proposal? It's very similar to a Progressive Web App. You can start with a simple web design proposal template or web app proposal template, but you need to make sure your website development proposal letter has been customized to your company's needs and resources. Don't assume that a free website proposal template Word has everything on it you need.

A sample proposal for website design and development PDF is a good place to start. Your proposal for website development and maintenance should include the company's mission, needs, and practical issues such as budget. It's important to write in goals for the timeline, features, and maintenance. You will also need to determine what mobile strategy you will use, the Choosing Your Mobile Champion infographic can help.

It may be beneficial for your company to develop a PWA rather than just a website, because a PWA can act on all platforms at once. It fulfills the needs for both a website and a native application. Get started with Lumavate today!

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