Since Lumavate delivers all apps as Progressive Web Apps, there’s no need to develop twice!

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Building Android Apps and iPhone Apps with Lumavate

One of the benefits of building apps with Lumavate is that you only need to build once, and the mobile app works seamlessly across all devices and browsers. Typically, native apps for Android and iPhone are developed separately, which means you’ll need to develop twice (once for Android and once for iPhone). But since Lumavate delivers all apps as Progressive Web Apps, there’s no need to develop twice! 

Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to develop a native app, let’s dive into developing an Android app, since there are over 2.3 billion Android users worldwide. First, in order to create an Android app, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to develop in-house using an Android app builder platform or Android app development software. Android software development requires expertise in APK, as well as publishing through the Android Studio. You may choose to use an Android app maker software offline as well. For Android development tools and an Android app development tools list, you can reference

And that’s just for Android! When developing for iPhones, you’ll need a software developer who is familiar with developing for iOS, as well as dealing with the App Store and all of its nuances. This will likely require another hire, separate from your Android app developer, since this is an entirely different development skillset. 

Ok...have we convinced you? Lumavate enables you to build mobile apps once, for not only iPhone and Android, but also for everything in between!

Mobile App Development for Beginners

If you’re looking for how to make an app for beginners, look no further than Lumavate. Our platform is built by and for marketers, which means no development experience is required! Many of our current customers have never even run a mobile project before, and they have said that it’s one of the best mobile app development tools for beginners. Many software development platforms for mobile apps require at least some development experience, but Lumavate is easy enough for beginners to create an app within an hour or less, no coding required. We have an entire library of mobile app development tools free of charge in our blog.

App Building Software

Lumavate is app building software for marketers. It differs from other app development software in that it doesn’t require any coding, which makes it a great option for app development software for beginners. Lumavate offers Starter Kits to help users get started quickly–think of them as app software development kits with everything you need to create your first app, but without any coding required. Lumavate is mobile application software for PC and Mac devices, since it’s browser-based and works on all browsers.  Although we do not offer free app development software or an app creator software free download, we do offer free trials to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with the platform. If you are looking for app development software for beginners for free, request a free trial of Lumavate.

Other App Building Software Comparisons

Here’s where Lumavate differs from other app building software:

  • No Coding Required - Unlike Apache Cordova and Phonegap (Adobe Phonegap, formerly Nitobi Software), Lumavate is a no-code platform for mobile app development, which makes it perfect for marketers who have no development experience and want to take app creation into their own hands. Other platforms like Appery and Mendix are low-code solutions, which mean some coding is required in order to build an app.
  • Delivering Progressive Web Apps - While other no-code platforms exist, such as Appy Pie and Betty Blocks, apps built on their platforms are delivered as native apps. Apps built on the Lumavate platform are delivered as Progressive Web Apps, which means they don’t require an app store download, and therefore are more accessible and yield higher adoption and engagement than their native counterparts. 

Choosing an App Builder

There are many different options to choose from if you decide to build an app in-house, including software options like drag and drop app builders, which enable the app builder to build apps without any development. These are becoming a more popular option for app building software, since they allow for faster builds, and thus faster results. Many people ask what the best app builder or best drag and drop app builder is, but the answer to that question comes down to what the organization needs out of their mobile app builder. For example, if your organization is looking to convert your website to an app, odds are you’ll need a specific type of software for that. It entirely depends on what the goal of the app is! So maybe think twice when browsing the results of your Google search for Best App Builder 2018, or Best Free App Builder 2018–because app builders are not one-size-fits-all! As mentioned before, if you’re looking for the best free app development software, you can request a free trial of Lumavate.

Lumavate and Open Source Mobile App Development

Although Lumavate is not an open source mobile app builder, it can integrate with open source mobile app development software. For example, Lumavate already utilizes Ionic’s framework and library, which are mobile app development tools for open source.

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