Take Your Recruiting Experience to the Next Level

Stand out from the crowd with engaging digital recruiting experiences that help you land the best talent for your business.

Career Fair

Give job seekers all of the information they need to find their next role at your career fair.


Make your company the first choice among candidates by creating an engaging and personalized recruiting experience.

Employee Onboarding

Deliver a top-notch employee onboarding experience that takes new employees from a signed offer letter through their entire onboarding process.

Create an Exceptional Career Fair Experience

Career fairs are full of job seekers looking for their next opportunity and can often be stressful. That’s why it’s essential to put candidates at ease with a digital experience that gives them all of the information they need at their fingertips to find their next role including agenda, detailed information about each company participating, FAQs, and more.

Make Your Business the Top Choice for Candidates

The competition for talent is more intense than ever before. This means your business has to really stand out to attract top talent and convince them to join your team. One great way to stand out from other companies is through a personalized recruiting experience where the candidate can have access to exclusive content about your business, watch a personalized video from the hiring manager, and more.

Deliver a Top-notch Onboarding Experience

An employee’s success in your company starts with their onboarding experience, and it even begins before their first official day. Using Lumavate, you can provide every new employee with a personalized onboarding experience that takes them from a signed offer letter to their journey throughout their entire onboarding process.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?