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Sales & Marketing

See sales on new equipment skyrocket with our brand differentiating platform

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    Increase New Unit Sales

    Engage customers in real-time with interactive content in your dealer showroom, equipment yard, in-store or at trade shows, creating a 24/7 buying experience. Use this new, owned channel to communicate promotional offers with push notifications.

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    Promote Accessories Sales

    Show off available accessories even if they’re not physically present in the unit display, and enable “one click purchase” online or via our Dealer Locator.

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    Update Content as Information Changes

    Even in long sales cycles, ensure that your prospects are armed with the most up-to-date content via a dynamic, mobile channel.

Registration & Onboarding

Provide a digital channel for registration and see significant increases in customer satisfaction

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    Increase Product Registrations

    Significantly increase capture rates using Smart Codes to digitally pre-populate model and serial number information for frictionless registration.

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    Promote Safe Operation

    Reduce risk exposure through digital access to safety warnings and video tutorials. Capture an audit trail of utilization to mitigate liability exposure.

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    Quickly Access Video Content & Tech Pubs

    Improve the customer experience through digital access to the most current product manuals, and collect closed-loop customer feedback on content.

Service & Support

Enhance your customer’s experience with your product by providing easily accessible support options

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    Decrease Customer Support Calls

    Utilize live chat, interactive content and digital product manuals for How To, FAQs, and Repair & Maintenance moments. “Wow” your end users with reduced call times as a result of support ops instantaneously knowing the end user’s model, serial number, and related unit history.

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    Automate Service Reminder Notifications

    Proactively push notifications for seasonal maintenance, periodic service checks, and offers for supplies and replenishment parts.

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    Improve Service Technician Productivity

    Provide digital access to product parts and service bulletin information that is specific to the model and serial number of the unit being serviced, instantly on their mobile device at their time of need.

Aftermarket Revenue

Capture additional aftermarket revenue with a unified aftermarket sales and service experience

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    Increase Aftermarket Sales

    Use this captive channel to sell common parts and supplies directly to your end-user via our dealer locator or seamless integration to your e-commerce. Say goodbye to ‘Parts Pirates’ and the spiraling costs of PPC and SEO.

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    Eliminate Returns of Wrong Parts

    We bring precision to ordering aftermarket parts, since our mobile experiences are specific to each model and serial number. Only relevant parts are displayed for purchase, saving you time and money on unnecessary returns.

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    Replenishment & Replacement Notifications

    Use trigger-based push notifications to remind customers to re-order OEM parts and supplies, including optional incentive offers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect your products and customers to differentiate your product

Lumavate’s innovative IoT solution connects your products and customers to turn the customer experience into a key product differentiator. Using the Lumavate platform in conjunction with your IoT platform, your products are “born digital” so your customers can use their mobile devices to control their product, receive real-time notifications, access serialized product content, order model-specific parts and supplies, and DIY self-service.

Without requiring any development on your end, we provide an intuitive application for designing and publishing mobile-first customer experiences, making it easy to capture customer behavior into your IoT data set, and making your IoT analytical insights more intelligent, more relevant, and ultimately more actionable.

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