Let Mobile Do Your Heavy Lifting

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Quicker Fixes with Mobile

A Powerful Platform for Your Toughest Mobile Projects

It’s time to add another tool to your marketing strategy: mobile. And we’re not talking native mobile apps that you have to download through the app store. We’re talking personalized mobile experiences that are built to withstand every moment of your customer journey, and are accessed with just a quick scan, tap, or text. Whether you’re displaying a machine label with a QR code, or putting a text code on a product manual, mobile experiences built with Lumavate are the perfect way to keep your customers engaged in every moment.

Bringing Mobile to Life for Manufacturing

When you think differently about mobile, the possibilities for how you can engage consumers become endless. Here are a few ideas to get you in a new mobile mindset:

  • Digitize the Sales Floor

    Allow prospects to view product specs and information, and take that info with them.

  • Stand Out at a Show

    Capture trade show attendees’ attention and drive interest in your brand.

  • Share Product Info

    Allow customers to easily access interactive manuals and product information.

  • Focus on Safety

    Create engaging and fun training experiences that encourage safety education.

  • Make It Interactive

    Provide new customers with videos and interactive onboarding experiences.

  • Put Them in Control

    Build easily-accessible front-end control experiences for your IoT-enabled products.

  • Increase Sales

    Make it easy to order product-specific parts and accessories with a quick tap.

  • Stay Connected

    Make support a breeze with chat, dealer locators, and maintenance reminders.

More Engaging Mobile Experiences

When you build mobile experiences with Lumavate, you open a world of possibilities. You can incorporate more personalized mobile touchpoints into every moment of your customer journey, meaning more opportunity for engagement and more opportunity to win brand loyalty. And, since mobile experiences built with Lumavate don’t require a download, you’ll see higher adoption and engagement than with a traditional native mobile app.

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It’s time to let mobile do some of the heavy lifting. We’re helping major manufacturers use mobile to boost their customer experience, and increase their overall revenue. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more!