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Engaging Mobile Experiences

Putting the Patient First

The healthcare industry has long experienced the disruption new technology can cause. As the industry evolves to become more patient-first, there’s an opportunity to meaningfully connect and engage with consumers all on the device they love the most. Thanks to low adoption and long-term engagement, gone are the days of native mobile apps. So, forget the download process, and enable sales teams, physicians, and patients to easily access moment-specific mobile experiences. Now is the time to engage consumers with reliably fast, personalized mobile experiences. With Lumavate it’s never been easier.

Bringing Mobile to Life for Healthcare

When you think differently about mobile, the possibilities for how you can engage patients become endless. Here are a few ideas to get you in a new mobile mindset:

  • Analyze Data

    Gather and analyze data and better understand what’s happening in real time.

  • Provide Patient Data Access

    Allow consumers to easily access all of their important information with just a tap.

  • Gather Feedback

    Easily stay in touch with and get their feedback in real time to better understand patient needs.

  • Educate Patients and Staff

    Use the device consumer love most to educate and test knowledge in fun, interactive ways.

  • Enable Team

    Provide a mobile experience to enable your team to effectively manage patient relationships.

  • Help Them Find Their Way

    Leverage a patient’s location to give them recommendations for nearby services.

More Engaging Mobile Experiences

When you build mobile experiences with Lumavate, you open a world of possibilities. You can incorporate more personalized mobile touchpoints into every moment of your customer journey, meaning more opportunity for engagement and more opportunity to win brand loyalty. And, since mobile experiences built with Lumavate don’t require a download, you’ll see higher adoption and engagement than with a traditional native mobile app.

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