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With Reliable Mobile

Surpass Expectations

Your customers trust you with some of their most important assets and information, but they also expect fast, frictionless mobile experiences and don’t have time to wait. So, surpass expectations by providing reliable fast mobile experiences that make it easy for a customer to do everything from applying for a credit card to navigating a first-time home buying experience. It’s time to build reliable mobile experiences your customers can count on. With Lumavate, it’s never been easier.

Bringing Mobile to Life for Financial Services

When you think differently about mobile, the possibilities for how you can engage consumers become endless. Here are a few ideas to get you in a new mobile mindset:

  • Find Your Location

    Leverage location services to enable customers to find branches and ATMs near them.

  • Stay Connected

    Notify customers of account information in the way that best suits them via notifications, texts, or emails.

  • Increase Account Applications

    Make it easier than ever for customers to sign up for an account or apply for a credit card on mobile.

  • Talk with Customers

    Provide service in real time to your active customers via a customer service chatbot.

  • Simplify Complicated Procedures

    Provide all of the needed information for a first-time home buying experience at your customers’ fingertips.

  • Mobile Deposit

    Let customers deposit checks with just a quick picture no matter where they are.

More Engaging Mobile Experiences

When you build mobile experiences with Lumavate, you open a world of possibilities. You can incorporate more personalized mobile touchpoints into every moment of your customer journey, meaning more opportunity for engagement and more opportunity to win brand loyalty. And, since mobile experiences built with Lumavate don’t require a download, you’ll see higher adoption and engagement than with a traditional native mobile app.

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