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Create Mobile Moments that Matter

Engage Fans Like Never Before

Their favorite concert. Their first baseball game. These are the moments your fans look forward to for weeks, sometimes years! So why not use the device they love the most to make the moment even more memorable? Forget all-encompassing native mobile apps that won’t download on spotty Wi-Fi. It’s time to engage fans with easily-accessible, custom mobile experiences that put them right in the middle of the action.

Bringing Mobile to Life for Entertainment Venues

When you think differently about mobile, the possibilities for how you can engage your fans become endless. Here are a few ideas to get you in a new mobile mindset:

  • Browse and Book

    Allow your fans to browse and book tickets without an app store download.

  • Help Plan

    Provide planning resources they can keep on hand leading up to their visit.

  • Drive Repeat Sales

    Provide an exclusive mobile portal to season ticket holder benefits.

  • Order Food

    Allow fans to order food to be delivered right to their seats.

  • WOW with New Tech

    Create amazing AR experiences like virtual player interactions.

  • Engage with Games

    Engage fans during intermission or halftime with games and polls.

  • Stay Connected

    Sending simple surveys and bounceback ticket offers right to their phones.

More Engaging Mobile Experiences

When you build mobile experiences with Lumavate, you open a world of possibilities. You can incorporate more personalized mobile touchpoints into every moment of your customer journey, meaning more opportunity for engagement and more opportunity to win brand loyalty. And, since mobile experiences built with Lumavate don’t require a download, you’ll see higher adoption and engagement than with a traditional native mobile app.

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