Transform the Student Experience

From the moment a student first hears about your college or university, you have to showcase a student-centric approach using the latest in digital technologies to truly stand out from the competition. And this expectation only grows after a student decides to attend your institution and the stakes become even higher to keep them successfully enrolled until graduation. With Lumavate, you can create and launch highly-engaging digital experiences that elevate the student experience from brand awareness to campus visit to first year to graduation day.

Solutions for Education

Our platform makes it easy for you to create digital experiences that elevate your student, employee, and alumni experiences. Check out some of our best-in-class solutions.

Campus Navigation

Enable your visitors to seamlessly navigate your campus with step-by-step directions and photos.

Mobile Messaging Opt-in

Add mobile messaging as a channel in your marketing strategy and make it simple for customers to opt-in to receive text messages from your brand.

Trade Show Attendee

Create an interactive element for your booth that eliminates printed materials, enables attendees to schedule meetings with your sales team, and more.

Email Opt-in

Allow customers to easily opt-in to receive marketing emails from your brand.

Field Marketing Event

Connect your VIP in-person experience with an exclusive digital element to further elevate the guest experience.


Connect directly with your podcast listeners by providing them with an easy way to listen to your episodes and access related content.

Event Registration

Make it simple for your customers to easily register for your upcoming event.


Anticipate the needs of your attendees with a digital experience that provides an event agenda, speaker list, facility map, wayfinding, FAQs, and more.

Internal Communications

Give every employee a 100 percent personalized communications experience that ensures they have easy access to information relevant to their role.

Internal Event

Take your internal event to the next level by providing employees with an engaging digital experience.

Career Fair

Give job seekers all of the information they need to find their next role at your career fair.

Employee Training

Bring out the best in your team with tailored training content relevant to their role and responsibilities.

Help Visitors Seamlessly Navigate Your Campus

Every day your campus welcomes first-time visitors that range from prospective students, new employees, hiring candidates, vendors, and more who need assistance in finding their way. While it’s ideal to provide every first-time visitor with a personalized tour, it’s also highly unlikely that your business has the resources to do so. That’s where Lumavate comes in. Using our platform, you can quickly launch a wayfinding digital experience that provides step-by-step written instructions with pictures on how to get from one location on your campus to another.

Reach Your Customers with Mobile Messaging

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is via SMS messages. With an open rate of 98 percent, text messaging far surpasses the engagement rates of any other marketing channel. Our platform makes it simple to drive text message opt-ins for your business, automatically handles the required double opt-in confirmation, and allows you to send real-time or scheduled text to your subscribers.

Give Your Trade Show Booth Attendees a Digital Resource

Every visitor that stops by your trade show booth is a potential customer for your business, but it can be challenging to have active conversations with every single one of them. That’s why you have to find ways to connect with these visitors both in-person and digitally so you don’t miss out on any potential opportunities. Adding a digital element to your booth makes it possible for visitors to quickly access more information about your company and products, schedule a meeting with your sales team, share resources with colleagues, and more. It’s a great way to increase the ROI of your booth investment and eliminate the cost of handing out printed materials at your booth.

Drive More Email Opt-ins

Email is the most common channel for customer communications which is why it’s imperative to make the email opt-in process as seamless as possible for your customers. Our platform makes it simple to collect email opt-ins as a standalone landing page or included in any other type of digital experience such as a microsite, mobile apps, portal, and more.

Turn Your Field Marketing Event into a VIP Experience

Every field marketing event your business hosts is an opportunity to create deep connections with your attendees and distinguish your brand from competitors. While the in-person experience is definitely critical, the overall event experience starts even sooner with the first outreach. Ditch the typical email invite with a registration landing page and create a highly-personalized digital experience that showcases the benefits of attending the event, a list of who else is coming, a preview of the menu, and more to turn this into a true VIP experience that drives attendance.

Connect With Your Podcast Listeners

While Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other channels can definitely drive podcast listeners, you don’t have the opportunity to share any other relevant content related to your episodes on those channels. Using Lumavate, you can create a podcast digital experience that allows your audience to listen to every episode of your show and check out related content for each episode. It also allows you to share exclusive content that your listeners can only find on your podcast digital experience.

Increase Your Event Registrations

You’ve locked-in the date, speakers, and location. Now it’s time to drive registrants for your event. Using Lumavate, you can create a reusable event registration form that sends event registrant data directly into your system of record. Then, you can use this event registration form as a standalone experience or included in other experiences empowering you to drive event registrations from anywhere.

Elevate Your Conference Experience

Conference attendees have high expectations for your event and the digital experience tied to it. The traditional native mobile conference app doesn’t cut it any more. Attendees want an interactive experience that enables them to easily access speaker content, connect with other guests, navigate the facility, participate in interactive games, and so much more. Using Lumavate, you can create a conference digital experience that exceeds their expectations and doesn’t require an app store download.

Streamline and Personalize Employee Communications

It’s time to quit communicating with your employees across numerous channels then acting surprised that they didn't read the important company announcement. You need a single source of truth for your company information that your employees can access on any device no matter where they are. With Lumavate, you can quickly launch a secure internal communications portal where all pertinent company news is shared. It’s also 100 percent personalized to each employee ensuring they only see the information they need to know for their specific role. Bonus: You can send real-time or scheduled text messages for urgent communications too.

Take Your Internal Events to the Next Level

Your business hosts multiple internal events a year that range from all-hands meetings to quarterly business reviews to sales team meetings to educational sessions about HR benefits to holiday parties and more. These are numerous opportunities for you to uplevel the event experience with a compelling digital element that includes everything from agendas, attendee lists, scavenger hunts, indoor wayfinding, and more.

Create an Exceptional Career Fair Experience

Career fairs are full of job seekers looking for their next opportunity and can often be stressful. That’s why it’s essential to put candidates at ease with a digital experience that gives them all of the information they need at their fingertips to find their next role including agenda, detailed information about each company participating, FAQs, and more.

Bring Out the Best in Your Team

One of the most crucial components to the success of your business is ongoing employee training. While some of this enablement can definitely occur in-person, it’s imperative that your business provides employees with on-demand training resources they can access at any time. Using Lumavate, you can create an employee training digital experience that gives your team a checklist of content to review, access to on-demand training videos and resources, and much more. Plus, it’s always available to them on any device: mobile, tablet, and desktop so they can easily access it no matter where they are.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?