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Mobile Moments for On-the-go Consumers

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Build Brand Loyalty with Mobile

It's Time to Disrupt the Aisle

Today’s shoppers are always on-the-go, so when you manage to grab their attention, you have to provide an experience that is as quick as it is compelling. And, let’s face it…mobile apps that require an app store download just won’t do it. Whether you’re looking to engage shoppers in the aisle, online, or after the buy, it’s time to think differently about mobile, and build mobile experiences that are fast, frictionless, and don’t require a download.

Bringing Mobile to Life for CPG

When you think differently about mobile, the possibilities for how you can engage consumers become endless. Here are a few ideas to get you in a new mobile mindset:

  • Disrupt the Aisle

    Stand out in the aisle with an interactive mobile experience that’s activated via signage or packaging.

  • Integrate New Tech

    Create amazing AR experiences that will “wow” your customers and keep the buzz around your brand going strong.

  • Win with Influencers

    Make it easier for users to purchase items promoted by your influencers with a fast mobile experience.

  • Ease Rebate Process

    Increase sales by providing easy-to-redeem mobile rebates that are easily accessed from in-store signage.

  • Promote Repurchase

    Make it easy for customers to re-order products they love, and access recommendations based on their previous purchases.

  • Share Relevant Content

    Whether you’re sharing recipes or makeup tutorials, capitalize on that post-purchase excitement with relevant content.

  • Stay Connected

    Go beyond notifications and create an easily-accessible two-way communication channel.

  • Drive Conversions

    See higher conversion rates from mobile ads with engaging mobile experiences as landing pages.

More Engaging Mobile Experiences

When you build mobile experiences with Lumavate, you open a world of possibilities. You can incorporate more personalized mobile touchpoints into every moment of your customer journey, meaning more opportunity for engagement and more opportunity to win brand loyalty. And, since mobile experiences built with Lumavate don’t require a download, you’ll see higher adoption and engagement than with a traditional native mobile app.

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