Mobile Solutions for Every Industry

Reinvent the Mobile Experience

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Engaging Mobile Experiences for Every Industry

Mobile Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Mobile is universal–whether your customers are shopping in the aisle, checking into your hotel, heading to your venue for an event, or setting up their new lawn mower. That’s why Lumavate offers solutions for virtually every industry–because where there are customers, there’s an undeniable need for engaging mobile experiences that are accessed instantly without an app store download.

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Mobile Moments for On-the-go Consumers

    Today’s shoppers are always on-the-go, so when you manage to grab their attention, you have to provide an experience that is as quick as it is compelling. It all starts with a new mobile mindset.

    • Disrupt the aisle with interactive in-aisle experiences

    • Capitalize on influencer reach with interactive mobile experiences

    • Allow customers to repurchase their favorite products with personalized mobile experiences

  • Construction and Ag Equipment

    Grow Your Business with Mobile

    Make job sites more quick and efficient. Create mobile experiences that can be accessed quickly by tapping a smartphone to your machine.

    • Streamline the rental and sales process

    • Create easy-to-access IoT front end experiences

    • Make product information, safety training, and parts reordering easy on mobile

  • Entertainment

    Make Mobile Part of the Experience

    It’s time to engage fans with easily-accessible, custom mobile experiences that put them right in the middle of the action.

    • Provide planning resources they can keep on-hand

    • Create amazing AR experiences

    • Send surveys and bounceback offers right to your fans’ phones

  • Events and Conferences

    Make Mobile Part of Your Events Team

    It’s time to build beautiful mobile experiences for each of your events, without the high cost and lengthy time required to build native mobile apps.

    • Give attendees access to menus and schedules before the event

    • Encourage booth hopping with fun games and AR experiences

    • Keep them engaged with mobile polls and surveys during sessions

  • Employee Engagement

    Elevate Your Employee Experience

    Set the standard for employee engagement with mobile experiences that start with onboarding, and extend through an employee’s entire tenure with your company.

    • Provide easy access to onboarding resources

    • Allow employees to access personalized company news feeds

    • Encourage employees to network and chat with mobile directories

  • Financial Services

    A Mobile Experience They Can Bank On

    Surpass expectations by providing mobile experiences that make it easy for a customer to do everything from applying for a credit card to navigating a first-time home buying experience.

    • Make it simple for new customers to open accounts or apply for loans

    • Simplify complicated procedures like financing a house with checklists and daily tips

    • Provide easy-to-access loan calculators

  • Healthcare

    Putting the Patient First

    As the industry evolves to become more patient-first, It’s time to meaningfully connect and engage with consumers all on the device they love the most.

    • Allow patients to locate urgent cares and ERs nearest them

    • Enable physicians to share prescription information and instructions

    • Connect patients and physicians with chatrooms and video chats

  • Hospitality

    Make Mobile Your Most Used Amenity

    Your guests’ comfort is your number one priority. And since they have their phones on them always, why not use mobile to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible?

    • Simplify room requests and preferences with a mobile experience

    • Allow for keyless room entry–no app download required

    • Let them order room service, more towels, or a wakeup call

  • Manufacturing

    Let Mobile Do Your Heavy Lifting

    Mobile can help your customer tackle any project. Create engaging experiences that make getting the job done easier than ever–and don’t require an app store download.

    • Stand out in big box stores with AR-driven product experiences

    • Create engaging training experiences that are easy to access and track

    • Allow customers to control your IoT-enabled products

  • Restaurants

    Reimagining the Dining Experience

    With reliably fast, personalized experiences, mobile can become the perfect companion to a great meal, and, with Lumavate, it’s never been easier.

    • Engage guests as they wait with games and virtual menus

    • Personalize the experience with special location-based offers

    • Enable customers to mobile order without an app store download

  • Retail

    Make Their Shopping Trip a Mobile Moment

    It’s about so much more than providing need-to-know information–it’s about creating moments that will keep them coming back to your store time and time again.

    • Promote foot traffic with scavenger hunts and AR experiences

    • Allow shoppers to find their favorite brands with interactive directories and maps

    • Create special mobile experiences especially for events and sales