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Take Control of Your Mobile Experience

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Own the Mobile Experience from Start to Finish

There’s nothing more compelling than putting a personalized experience in the palm of your customer’s hand, which is why Lumavate is a must-have for marketers. From the point of purchase throughout their entire journey with your brand, you have the power to delight customers with mobile experiences that are completely customized to give them exactly what they need in that moment. And, while your customers are relishing in their personalized experience, you’re seeing increased engagement, adoption, and brand loyalty–all without ever writing a single line of code.

  • Experiences for the Entire Customer Journey

    Meet consumers where they are with a mobile experience that is customized to where they are in their journey with your brand.

  • Highly-Personalized Mobile Touchpoints

    Wow consumers with mobile experiences that are tailored based on user data and behavior.

  • A WYSIWYG Design Platform

    Creating beautiful mobile experiences is just a few clicks away with our drag-and-drop designer.

  • Unlimited Experiences for Unlimited Customers

    Whether you have hundreds of customers or millions, our platform seamlessly scales to help you design and deploy an unlimited number of mobile experiences.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Mobile Experiences for the Entire Customer Journey

Today’s customers expect personalization, and putting these types of personalized experiences in the palm of the customer’s hand–that’s a brand experience worth talking about. Our platform enables you to provide meaningful mobile experiences throughout the entire customer journey. No matter where your customers are in their journey with your brand, you can guarantee that you’re putting the resources they need most right in the palm of their hands.