It’s Time to Think Differently about Mobile

Harness the Power of the Lumavate Platform

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A Platform Playground for IT

Mobile is evolving to cloud-based mobile apps, which is why we've worked to ensure our platform allows you to design and deploy these mobile experiences with ease. We continuously work to ensure our platform satisfies all PWA requirements and best practices, which means you can spend more time doing what you love, and leave the compliance-related heavy-lifting to us. In addition to being your platform playground, here are some of the other key benefits to using the Lumavate platform:

  • A True Platform

    Design and deploy highly-personalized PWAs faster and at a fraction of the cost because our platform has all of the PWA heavy lifting covered for you

  • Develop Widgets

    Innovate your own widgets in your programming language of choice and use ones from our Widget Marketplace to address your business needs and accelerate delivery

  • Scale with Ease

    Does thinking about producing and maintaining numerous mobile experiences give you a headache? Our platform enables you to scale with ease no matter how your customers and experiences grow

  • Built for Both

    Say goodbye to making content and color changes! Our platform puts the power of developing mobile experiences in your hands, and leaves branded elements to the marketers

A Platform, Not a Framework

Launch. Build. Repeat.

The Lumavate platform is a powerful tool for IT teams because it enables you to produce PWAs at scale. Our platform provides a dynamic PWA framework to ensure your PWAs are fast, reliable, and consistent; separates developers from designers while allowing both to work together; and easily integrates with third party systems. The best part? All the PWA usability requirements and best practices are automatically handled for you within in our platform.

A Match Made in Mobile

Marketing + IT

As an IT professional, have you ever been tasked with updating content, fonts, or colors for the marketing team? While it is important to stay on brand, wouldn’t you rather focus on what you do best, and leave these types of changes to the marketers? Our platform allows your IT and Marketing teams to work together while doing what each team does best to design and deploy highly-personalized cloud-based mobile apps.