Four Customer Experience Predictions


Where is Customer Experience Headed?

Customer experience (CX) has undoubtedly surpassed product, price, and promotion in value to a customer in recent years. Brands who deliver superior customer experiences retain more satisfied customers, and have a real advantage over the competition. It is now more crucial than ever for brands to stay on top of ever-changing CX trends, but that is easier said than done. That is why we’re looking into our crystal ball to predict where CX will go next in 2018. 

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Self-reliant Customers Want More Options

Here’s Why: Customers have continually grown to be more self-reliant to complete everyday tasks and troubleshoot when a problem arises. Gartner predicts customers will manage 85 percent of their interactions with brands without speaking to a single person by 2020 proving this trend is far more than a detailed FAQ page on a website. Next year, will see more self-service options for customers–especially chatbots.

While chatbot technology is not new, it has quickly grown recently due to two major developments: messaging apps and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Messaging apps (think: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat) are a major communication channel customers are already using. Capabilities within these apps have evolved to allow customers to easily complete daily tasks. More importantly, they give brands a great platform to interact with customers through chatbots.

Advancements in AI give brands employing chatbots extraordinary potential. Imagine a chatbot that can understand and solve customer problems in real time, and learn from every interaction. The potential AI gives chatbots gives this technology a valuable future.

Chatbots provide brands a way to connect with increasingly self-reliant customers on a channel they are already using with convenient help in the exact moment it is needed. Intelligent chatbots, as part of providing more self-service options to customers, offer brands a serious advantage and a trend you should expect to see evolve in 2018.