Enterprise-grade Security to Give You Confidence to Empower Your Business

Our platform has the built-in governance mechanisms you’ll need to effectively and efficiently manage hundreds of digital experiences, countless platform users, and millions of visitors.

Streamlined Management for Digital Experiences Across Your Business

Gone are the days of not knowing how many digital experiences exist in your business or how they were created. Using Lumavate, you can see all the digital experiences created with our platform and their current status on a single screen.

Multiple Roles to Provide the Level of Access Your Business Needs

Everyone in your company has different strengths. That’s why our platform has multiple roles so you can ensure everyone has access to only the functionality you want them to have.

Super Administrators

Full access to your Command Center and Studios with the ability to make changes to everything.

Experience Manager

Leads the creation and long-term management of digital experiences created using the Studio.


Create beautifully designed digital experiences in the Studio without the power to push new changes live.

Data Manager

Connects your existing data tech stack to your Studio and determines the level of access your digital experiences will have to this data.

Content Manager

Connects your CMS to your Studio and adds new content to Lumavate Content so it’s available for use in your digital experiences.


Reviews the analytics of your digital experiences and makes recommendations on improvements.

Determine When Your Digital Experiences Change

When you create a digital experience using Lumavate, your experience will reference a specific version number of the design element or integration used. We can release a new version of that design element or integration, but your digital experience will continue to reference the original version until you choose to upgrade it. It’s a simple concept that guarantees your digital experiences will always look and work the way you want them until you want to make a change.

Control Access to Your Digital Experiences

Our platform allows you to easily make your digital experiences available to everyone or only a selected group via our multiple authentication methods.

Single Sign-on

Control access to a digital experience using your existing SSO provider.

Email Authentication

Provide access to a digital experience to visitors using a single domain or having a specific email address.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?