Create and Send Highly Targeted Text Messages

Connect with your customers on mobile with personalized text messages that drive revenue and increase brand loyalty.

Reach Your Customers with Mobile Messaging

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is via SMS messages. With an open rate of 98 percent, text messaging far surpasses the engagement rates of any other marketing channel. That’s why text messaging is a must-have channel to include in your marketing strategy to drive engagement with customers across the entire customer journey.

Everything You Need to Make Your Text Messaging Program Successful

Starting a text messaging program for the first time can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our text messaging functionality makes it easier than ever for you to start engaging with your customers on this new channel.

Maximize Subscriber Growth

Provide your customers with a new channel where they can engage with your brand.

Engage with Customers

Create and send highly-relevant text messages that drive revenue and brand loyalty.

Easily Promote Messaging Program

Enable your customers to opt-in for your mobile messaging program from anywhere.

Target-Specific Audiences

Personalize your messages to specific audiences based on their preferences, behaviors, etc.

Track Message Analytics

See real-time data on the number of messages sent, subscribers, message delivery rates, etc.

Seamlessly Integrates with Form Builder

Quickly add mobile opt-in functionality to any of your Forms in just a few clicks.

Automates Double Opt-in Process

Our platform automatically sends the double opt-in confirmation text for any opt-ins via form submissions.

Expert Compliance Guidance

Access to our team of mobile experts who can answer any of your compliance questions.

Launch a Text Messaging Program Fast

Your customers are glued to their mobile devices, so it’s mission critical to have a text messaging program. With Lumavate, you can quickly launch a text messaging program for your business in only a few days.

Define Your Text Messaging Program

Determine how you’ll use text messaging with your customers and submit it for review by our experts to ensure you meet compliance requirements.

Collect Text Message Opt-ins

Use our Form Builder to build a Form for collecting opt-ins and promote it everywhere. We’ll automatically handle double opt-in confirmations for you.

Send Text Messages to Targeted Audiences

Create and send real-time or scheduled text messages to specific audiences in only a few clicks.

Text Messaging Made Easy

Learn how fast you can get started with a new text messaging program.