Connect With Your Podcast Listeners

While Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other channels can definitely drive podcast listeners, you don’t have the opportunity to share any other relevant content related to your episodes on those channels. To truly amplify your content and form better connections with your listeners, you need to create a podcast digital experience that allows your audience to listen to every episode of your show and easily see related content.

Podcast Template Functionality

Our Podcast Template is designed to help you connect directly with your podcast listeners with a highly-personalized experience. This template includes the following functionality:

Spotify Integration

Embed the latest episodes of your show from Spotify.

About the Show

Provide more information about your show and a brief background on your host.

List of Previous Episodes

Collection of your show’s most recent episodes.

Relevant Resources

Amplify your content by curating relevant resources for each episode.

Submit a Review

Gather reviews and feedback from listeners.

Notable Guests

Highlight notable individuals or brands featured on your show.

Twitter Feed

Easy access to follow your host or show’s Tweets.

Save to Home Screen

Prompt your listeners to save the digital experience to their mobile device for easy access at any time.

Try Our Podcast Template

Amplify Your Podcast and Related Content

Using our Podcast Template, your listeners can easily access all of your show’s episodes in one convenient location and view related content for each episode. It’s a great way to provide even more value to your listeners. Most customers can create and launch a podcast digital experience in less than 30 minutes using this Template.

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