Deliver a Top-notch Onboarding Experience

An employee’s success in your company starts with their onboarding experience, and it even begins before their first official day. Ensure every new employee is set up for success with a personalized onboarding experience that takes them from a signed offer letter to their journey throughout their entire onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding Template Functionality

Our Employee Onboarding Template is designed to deliver a top-notch employee onboarding experience. This template includes the following functionality:

Onboarding Checklist

Provide new hires with a list of key tasks they need to complete during their onboarding.

Team Bios

Introduce relevant team members and their roles.

Training Schedule

Agenda highlighting what the new employee can expect during their first week.

Welcome Videos

Personalized videos from key team members welcoming the new employee.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions by your new employees.

Contact Information

Easy access to contact their manager, HR, and other relevant team members.

Company History

Brief background on your company and overview of your products or services.

Save to Home Screen

Prompt your employees to save the digital experience to their mobile device for easy access at any time.

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Engage Your New Employees

Using our Employee Onboarding Template, you can personalize the onboarding experience for every new employee joining your company. This Template can be a standalone digital experience or incorporated into any other digital experience. Most customers can create and launch an employee onboarding digital experience in less than 15 minutes using this Template.

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