Every Purchase Decision is a Considered Decision

Episode #046: Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights, Salesforce

Most of the episodes on Mobile Matters so far have been focused on hearing from B2C marketing and tech leaders so it was time we hear from a few B2B marketing rockstars. And Mathew Sweezey definitely fits that definition. He’s currently the Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce.com, author, podcast host, multiple award-winning marketer, pioneer of the marketing automation space, and regarded as one of the top minds on the future of Marketing. In this episode of Mobile Matters, we talk to Mathew about his career path, why we need to stop acting like B2B and B2C buyers are different, and how ROI may not be the most accurate metric for marketing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stop trying to copy someone else’s career path. Be yourself. Find what you’re passionate about and work hard at it. 
  2. The media environment has dramatically changed how consumers buy anything and we need to make sure our marketing tactics have evolved to account for this change. Every purchase is now a considered decision.
  3. ROI may not be the best metric for marketing to be evaluated on and given the short tenure of most marketers (2.6 years) we need to make sure we’re using the most accurate metrics to prove our value.

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