Becoming a CMO by 30

Episode #048: Ryan Bonnici, CMO, G2

Most of the episodes on Mobile Matters so far have been focused on hearing from B2C marketing and tech leaders so it was time we hear from a few B2B marketing rockstars. And Ryan Bonnici definitely fits that definition. Ryan’s the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 (previously known as G2 Crowd), one of the World’s Most Influential CMO’s in 2019 according to Forbes, and a keynote speaker. Prior to G2, he’s held leadership positions at HubSpot, Salesforce, ExactTarget, and Microsoft. In this episode of Mobile Matters, we talk to Ryan about why he knew he wanted to be a CMO starting at the age of 10, how he was often able to jump one or two level with each of his job changes, and why he’ll never have Inbox Zero and he’s OK with that. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Imposter syndrome is REAL. If you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in your career then you’re likely going to feel this way at some point. Don’t freak out. Work hard and you’ll succeed. 
  2. Don’t ignore recruiters. It doesn’t hurt to take a call from a recruiter no matter how happy you are in your current role.
  3. Inbox Zero isn’t for everyone. It’s OK if you’ll never have Inbox Zero.

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