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Powerful Three Cloud Platform

Our Innovative Technology

There’s an exciting shift happening in mobile tech, and our platform allows you to take full advantage. As a three-cloud environment, the Lumavate platform is made up of the Studio, Widget, and Production clouds. Each plays a role in building mobile experiences, developing widgets and delivering Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at scale. With these three clouds, our platform is a powerful tool for both Marketers and IT professionals to design, deploy, and manage unlimited cloud-based mobile apps.

Designed for Marketers

Studio Cloud

Our Studio Cloud is where the magic of building highly-personalized mobile experience happens. In the Studio Cloud, marketers are able to design, test, and publish an unlimited number of mobile experiences using widgets from our Widget Marketplace. This allows marketers to easily add functionality to their mobile experience without ever needing to write a single line of code.

Once you’ve designed a mobile experience, it can be previewed and tested right within the platform across a multitude of form factors. And, with the ability to set up review and approval processes, your team can effectively iterate on multiple experiences at a time. Then, you can quickly publish it to the Production Cloud and make it instantaneously available to your customers.

Built for IT

Widget Cloud

Our Widget Cloud is where the true power of our platform is for software engineers or IT teams. The Widget Cloud enables you to create and build widgets with powerful functionality and engaging features then make these widgets available to your marketing team in the Studio Cloud.

From the source code library to the Widget Toolkit, our Widget Cloud has numerous useful tools to help your team get started in efficiently creating Widgets for fast, secure, and compliant PWAs. In addition to the widgets your team builds, all Lumavate customers have access to the Widget Marketplace where they can utilize existing widgets built by Lumavate, our partners, or other customers.

Production Cloud

The Production Cloud houses all of the mobile experiences that you’ve published  from the Studio Cloud. The Production Cloud is what enables all of your customers to access your mobile experiences using one of the smart activation methods. All  of these mobile experiences here are fully compliant with the PWA standards set by Google’s Lighthouse Audit.

A key feature of the Production Cloud is versioning. Versioning allows your software engineers to make changes to a Widget or create a new version without disrupting any of the current production experiences that are using the widget. Versioning allows you to provide the best possible mobile experience to your customers and provides you peace of mind as you scale.

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