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A Features and Functionality Overview

Powering the Platform

Imagine an enterprise platform that allows you to design and deploy cloud-based mobile apps faster than native mobile apps at a fraction of the cost. Imagine if you could manage an unlimited number of mobile experiences with ease and control how and when your customers interact with these experiences. Sound too good to be true? Think again. Our platform includes all of these features and more.

Built for Mobile

Approximately 50 percent of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which means it’s imperative for brands to think mobile first. Our platform is designed to help you do just that with a feature that allows you preview your experiences across common mobile devices and tablets to ensure all of your customers have the best possible experience, no matter what device they’re on.

Your Internal Review Process All in One Place

Unlike native mobile apps, cloud-based mobile apps don’t need to be published to an app store. This means you can choose when to publish a new mobile experience or update an existing experience and have the changes take effect immediately, no updates required. This feature ensures your mobile experiences are exactly what you want.

Increased Adoption and Engagement

Cloud-based mobile apps are designed to ditch the app-store hassle. Instead, these experiences are triggered through an activation method–think: NFC, QR code, text, and URL. To increase adoption and engagement, these activation methods should be contextual to the specific experience for that moment in the customer journey. That's why, within our platform, you have to the ability to use different activation methods for each touchpoint in the customer journey, and even tailor an activation to the serial number of a specific product.

  • NFC

    Harness the power of NFC tags to activate secure mobile experiences with just a tap

  • QR Code

    Take advantage of the QR code comeback and utilize those scannable squares to give customers a truly unique experience

  • Text

    Capitalize on everyone’s love for texting by providing a text-in option

  • Click

    Create app-like mobile experiences for your digital advertising and marketing efforts

Data-Driven Mobile

Our reporting and analytics functionality is designed to provide you with access to all of the data you’ll need to determine the effectiveness of your mobile experiences. Our team works with you to provide ongoing recommendations for improvements so you can ensure you’re providing exceptional mobile experiences every time.

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