Ditch the Download

Activation Made Easy

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Easy, Effortless Activation: With Just a Tap, Scan, or Text

According to comScore’s 2017 US Mobile App Report, 51 percent of smartphone users download zero apps per month, and the user’s number one app accounts for almost half of the total time spent in all mobile apps. Unlike native mobile apps, cloud-based mobile apps do not require a download. In fact, activation of cloud-based mobile apps can come in many different forms, and be specified to the moment in time the experience is activated. Here are the four activation methods native to our platform:

  • NFC

    Harness the power of NFC tags to activate secure mobile experiences with just a tap.

  • QR Codes

    Take advantage of the QR code comeback and utilize those scannable squares to give customers a truly unique experience.

  • Text

    Capitalize on everyone’s love for texting by providing a text-in option.

  • Click

    Provide a URL and direct your website traffic to a highly-personalized experience built specifically for mobile.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Delivery When And How They Want It

When you bring together activation methods and delivery channels, the possibilities are endless. Your activation methods can live on brochures, packaging, labels, stand-up displays, banners, digital signage, web pages…pretty much anywhere you’re already displaying branded content. Combine the flexibility of activation anywhere with our platform’s ability for you to create an unlimited amount of highly-personalized mobile experiences with ease, and you’ve got the power to create moment-specific mobile experiences like never before.

The Simplicity of Text and URL

Type and Go

Chances are if you have used a mobile phone, you have sent a text or browsed the web. According to comScore’s 2016 Mobile Metrix study, the average adult in the United States spent 87 hours browsing the web on a smartphone. The power behind text-in codes and URLs as activation methods is in the simplicity of each. Ensure these methods are part of your strategy, and you will see activations increase.