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Who’s a Good Fit?

Technology Partners

We collaborate with our technology partners to provide mobile solutions that are both rich in functionality and engaging to the end-user. A technology partnership is perfect for software applications, IoT platforms, and cloud storage vendors. With our platform, you can provide a mobile solution to your clients that will increase revenue, improve client retention, and drive brand differentiation.

Why You Should Partner With Lumavate

Countless software applications, IoT platforms, and cloud storage vendors lack an effective mobile engagement application that goes beyond displaying performance dashboards. This is largely because rich and interactive mobile experiences are very difficult and costly to build--until Lumavate. Using our open architecture and Widget Toolkit, it’s easy for your team to create reusable widgets that integrate via API’s to any third-party technology. If you’re looking to extend your tech product with fast and frictionless mobile engagement, then Lumavate is your answer.

Check out our favorite reasons why you should partner with Lumavate:

  • Increase Revenue per Client

    Provide a mobile solution offering to your clients that will drive growth.

  • Increase Client Retention

    Provide your clients reliably fast, highly-personalized mobile experiences that will expand and strengthen your client relationships.

  • Drive Brand Differentiation

    Stand out from the competition by offering your clients an innovative mobile solution and platform.

The Future of Mobile Awaits

Become a Technology Partner

Take the first step in becoming a Lumavate partner today. Introduce yourself by filling out this quick form, so we can get started building the future of mobile, together.