Optimizing Mobile’s Potential

Lumavate + Agency Partners

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Who’s a Good Fit?

Agency Partners

We help our agency partners work to harness the power of mobile. An agency partnership is perfect for marketing agencies of all types. With Lumavate, you can increase revenue, add or expand mobile app services and expertise, and improve client acquisition and retention.

Why You Should Partner With Lumavate

Whether you are well-versed in native mobile app development or this is your first, serious foray into mobile, Lumavate gives you the versatility and agility to transform mobile for your clients’ brands.  With our platform, you have numerous, incremental opportunities to sell more of your existing services for strategy, branding, design, content, digital, and development to your clients. The Lumavate Studio Cloud is designed for marketers with no programming skills making it a perfect match for every marketing agency. Meanwhile, our open architecture and Widget Toolkit enable your team to create any feature or integration imaginable. To take full advantage of our Widget Cloud, you can empower your own development team to build widgets or subcontract widget development to Lumavate. Either way, your agency will benefit from the expanding collection of reusable widgets available to you in the Widget Marketplace.   

  • Increase Revenue Per Client

    Provide your clients with the a mobile solution that will drive growth for your clients and increase your revenue.

  • Increase Mobile Offering and Expertise

    Add or expand your mobile service offerings and expertise.

  • Improve Client Retention

    Provide your clients reliably fast, highly-personalized mobile experiences that will expand and strengthen your client relationships.

The Future of Mobile Awaits

Become an Agency Partner

Take the first step in becoming a Lumavate partner today. Introduce yourself by filling out this quick form, so we can get started building the future of mobile, together.