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Who’s a Good Fit?

Activation Partners

Activation partners help bring Lumavate-powered mobile experiences to life. Our Activation Partner Program is ideal for NFC tag manufacturers and distributors, commercial printers, label printers, packaging firms, and digital ad platforms. By teaming up with Lumavate, activation partners have an unique opportunity to increase revenue and brand awareness while driving brand differentiation.

Why You Should Partner With Lumavate

Smart, contextual activations are a driving force behind creating frictionless mobile experiences. This is where our activation partners can bring their creativity and expertise to design, encode, produce, and distribute each activation point using the combination of optimal activation channels. With Lumavate, you can transform your activation channels into digital connections for just-in-time mobile engagement, infusing innovation and differentiation into your product offerings.

Check out our favorite reasons why you should partner with Lumavate:

  • Increase Revenue per Client

    Provide your clients with the ability to seamlessly connect their existing activation channels to a mobile experience.

  • Drive Brand Differentiation

    Get ahead of the competition by offering mobile experiences with your activation channels.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

    Gain brand exposure to all of Lumavate’s clients as a recommended activation provider.

The Future of Mobile Awaits

Become an Activation Partner

Take the first step in becoming a Lumavate partner today. Introduce yourself by filling out this quick form, so we can get started building the future of mobile, together.