Design Gallery


Welcome to our Design Gallery! We’ve curated a collection of our favorite app pages to inspire you when you’re designing your own app in the Lumavate Studio.

In addition to providing inspiration, the Design Gallery provides instructions on how to build each of the page designs in the Lumavate Studio empowering you to bring these designs to life in your own app!

Get to Know the Lumavate Library

Remember how much you loved playing with building blocks as a kid? We’ve made app building just as fun. Let your imagination run wild by using the ever-growing Lumavate Library of Features, Components, and Starter Kits to bring your marketing dreams to life. It’s home to everything you’ll need to build the app of your dreams. 

The secret to creating beautifully designed apps in our Studio is through the use of Components. Components are visual elements that can be used as building blocks within an app. And the Lumavate Library has a ton of Components including simple Components such as buttons, text, and images to more sophisticated Components that integrate with third-parties such as Calendy, Drift, Pinterest, Vidyard, YouTube, and more. The design possibilities are endless with our components.  

pictures of phones in design gallery

Customizing Components: A Master Class

Take your design skills to a new level. We’ll use a Standard Card Component to show you just how easy it is to customize a Component.  

  1. Background Color - Sets the color of the card background.
  2. Image - Upload a .JPG or .PNG to display an image.
  3. Headline & Subheadline - Enter the text as it should appear in the app. The text uses the font selected in the Font Styling section of Branding. The text color sets the headline or subheadline text. Finally, choose an alignment from either left, right, or center.

Custom Components

Page Design Inspirations

Now that you’re familiar with how Components works in the Studio it’s time to talk about how you assemble them to create a beautiful and engaging page design. While you can have literally unlimited design possibilities using Components in the Lumavate Library, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite page designs to give you some app design inspiration. Let’s take a look at how these page designs can be used in your apps. 

Collapsible Navigation

Ever have a ton of information to communicate and need an easy way to visually do it? That’s exactly why we love the Collapsible Navigation page design. This page design enables you to display a list of content that links to other pages in the app or external sites. It also gives you the option to have subsections under each main item. This page design tends to be used most in content-heavy apps such as apps for training, product onboarding, etc. 

Collapsible Navigation

Multiple Columns

Why have one column when you can have multiple? Uplevel your app’s design with the Multiple Column page design. This page design enables you to feature multiple types of content in an organized layout. This page design can be used in almost any app. 

Multiple Column

Content Cards

The only thing users will love more than your content is the Content Card page design. This page design choice is the perfect way to layout multiple pieces of visual content. The Content Cards page design is commonly used in highly-visual apps.

Content Cards


While having a Frequently Asked Question section is pretty common, it shouldn’t mean the page design needs to be ordinary. We love the FAQ page design because users can easily expand questions relevant to them. 



Say goodbye to old-school registrations once and for all! With the Form page design, users will actually want to register products, provide contact information, or sign-up for an event. 


Interactive Image

You know how they say a picture’s worth a thousand words? Well, it’s true! Guide users to a great experience with our Interactive Image page design. Highlight certain product features or callout specific locations with this page design. The Interactive Image page design is great for pointing out key areas of a product, identifying locations on a map, etc.

Interactive Image

Mixed Content

Can’t decide on a component? Why not try several with the Mixed Content page design. Highlight multiple pieces of content in a single page through videos, images, or content cards. This page design is ideal when you have various types of content that you can’t display in the same manner.

mixed content

Speaker Bios

Brag about your awesome speaker lineup with our Speaker Bio page design. With expandible cards, you can highlight multiple speakers at a single event. This page design is perfect for any event or sport use case.

speaker bios


Data overload is a real thing. Organize it in an appealing way for users using the Table page design. The Table page design is often used to highlight data from a specific source, such as event calendars, restaurant information, conference schedules, or even nutrition labels.


Video Library

Have a killer collection of videos? Show it off using the Video Library page design! Pull in your favorite videos from YouTube, Vidyard, Wistia, Brightcove, or Vimeo to curate a video library users will love. 

video library

Welcome Slides

Give your customers a warm welcome with our Welcome Slides page design. Walk customers through their new product, onboard new employees or welcome first-time guests to your facility. 

welcome slides

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?