Monday, May 23, 2016

Why do I need Lumavate if I have a Mobile Friendly Corporate Website?

Mobile friendly websites and Lumavate® mobile designed microsites serve very different purposes and ultimately complement each other nicely. The following four topics illustrate the differences between the two.


  • Lumavate is best utilized when associated with a specific piece of equipment
  • A corporate web site, by its nature, serves a broader set of needs & audiences – including the promotion of all your latest services, products, and corporate identity.


  • Lumavate is an “electronic connector” that lives on a specific piece of equipment (or product) over its entire operating life. Done well, it will be as relevant to an operator in 10 years as it is today (long after it is no longer the “latest” model, etc.) more so than an original operating manual or service manual.
  • It “lives” on a piece of equipment and will always provide an electronic connection between that piece of equipment and the manufacturer (or dealer) well after the original purchase. Think of it as a “beacon” that will always bring someone back to you – improving the odds that your company will participate longer in the lifetime value of that piece of equipment and those customers.


  • A corporate web site will change many times over the operating life of a piece of equipment. It will continue to adjust to your business needs, latest product needs, service needs, etc. Your older models may not remain promininently displayed throughout their life on a corporate web site while Lumavate remains focused on a specific model throughout the life of the product.  This means the content remains highly relevant to the end user, providing a superior end user experience for the lifetime of the product.


  • Lumavate is associated to a specific piece of equipment over its lifetime, thus remaining highly efficient at delivering model specific information to the end user because it can remain focused on a specific model. This means the end user can always rely on the information being relevant to their piece of equipment and they will not have to waste time going through your latest 100+ videos and non-relevant content to find information specific to this unit. This efficiency will drive users back to this resource over its entire operating life – always giving your company a presence in this process.


To understand the true opportunity Lumavate can provide your company is to understand the value we create by giving you an always relevant, electronic connection to the current operator / owner.  In the past, dealers/manufacturers would slap stickers on a piece of equipment, throw business cards in a packet, and / or privately label some guides, etc.  However, none of those will work as well as Lumavate – because we give the end user more current, relevant value over the entire life of the equipment.  It keeps them connected to you for years.  With that, you will greatly improve the odds of continuing to participate in the economic value of that piece of equipment through service / parts / and new unit inquiries.  Every piece of equipment will become a selling tool for you over its entire operating life.  There is simply no equivalency in a “mobile friendly” corporate web site that will always lack this basic model/unit specific connection for the end user.  In the end, they serve completely different purposes.