Monday, March 26, 2018

PWA Bracket Challenge: Final 4

The Final Four round is here! Our PWA Bracket Challenge is one step closer to crowning a champion, but, as of today, eight still stand. This round was based on the PWAs’ Performance scores, according to Google’s Lighthouse Audit. Scores can range from 0-100, but higher the score, the better.

The Performance score ensures every PWA is reliably fast even on a slow network, responsive across devices, and consistently interactive. The overall score is a weighted average of various performance audits, ranging from time to interactive to optimized images to keeping server response times low. This is to say, the PWAs that made it to the Final Four are some of the top performing PWAs out there.

By this point, I know what you’re thinking… “This is cool and all, but who made it to the Final Four?”. I hear you, so here is what you came for–the Final Four.

PWA Bracket Challenge_Final 4

In true bracket season fashion, there was blowouts and close-calls. Lilly Pulitzer demolished Fandango by more than 30 points, while Alibaba almost pulled off the upset, losing to Starbucks by just two points. Try out the Final Four PWAs (on mobile!) with the links below, and let us know who you think will make it to the championship game on Twitter. Keep an eye out for that announcement on Thursday!