Lessons From Mobile Matters: There Are No Marketing Emergencies

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Let’s be honest, marketing is hard. While a lot of people look at marketers as the ones who “make things look pretty” there is a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes. From managing your marketing tech stack, analyzing data, managing expectations, developing a brand experience, and the list goes on and on. With so much going on it is important to find a balance. Ashley Shailer, Vice President of Marketing at Inverta, shares how she finds balance in her life, navigates the world of marketing, and reminds us that there are no marketing emergencies in her episode of Mobile Matters.

Use Marketing Tools That Work, Not Just Look Pretty

There are so many marketing tools out there I can’t even begin to name them all. Basically for any marketing related problem you have, there is likely some kind of software to fix it. Now, just because you have the options to solve problems with the newest marketing technology doesn’t mean you should. If this is your mindset then your tech stack will likely become out of control, and you will be investing in tools that you aren’t getting a great return on. Ashley shares great insight on this by saying, it’s not about what the best tool is, it’s about what’s the right tool for your organization today. You need a tool that will solve the problems you have today, not a tool that might solve a problem you’ll have tomorrow. If you stay focused on the current problems at hand, the chances you invest in the right tool are much higher. Also, remember no tool will solve your problem. There are no silver bullets in marketing, and you need to know how to best implement that tool if you want to get the job done.

Navigating Digital Transformation as a Marketer

The entire world is currently in the midst of a digital transformation. Every single day another aspect of our lives is becoming more digitized. Within an organization, it often feels like navigating this transformation falls on the shoulders of the marketing team, even if it doesn’t relate to marketing. We often look to marketers to be the ones exploring the digital world, deciding what investments to make, and using new technology to drive results. And when something goes wrong they are usually the fall guy. Being the digital pioneer in a company isn’t an easy task because technology is constantly changing. So naturally, not everything is going to work out the way you expect it to and that’s okay! It is better to try something and learn from your mistakes than not try at all.

Emergencies Don’t Exist In Marketing

Marketers - the work you’re doing is important, but it isn’t life or death. There are no marketing emergencies. Okay, maybe if someone has had one too many glasses of wine and accidentally tweets of the company Twitter, but even then that isn’t life or death. It is okay if at the end of the day you turn on do not disturb so you can spend time with your family. Nothing is going to happen if you wait a couple of hours to respond to an email. So make sure you are finding a good balance between work and your personal life. Set boundaries, decide what your top priorities are, and try to stick to them.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis 

When it comes to measuring success, there are so many metrics that can be used and it can be difficult to determine which numbers actually mean something. Data can tell very different stories based on the way you look at it. Therefore, it is important you establish your goals and what results you are looking to see before you start a project. And, each project will have different determinants of success. The best way Ashley has found to measure success in marketing is through engagement, whether that be through increased traffic to the website, increased interaction with a company asset, or a larger audience on social.Your measurement for engagement can be whatever makes the most sense for you organization, but what is most important is that you determine what those metrics are ahead of time and you set goals that measure your success. Having a plan before looking at all of the data will help avoid analysis paralysis.

There are always a million things to consider in marketing, but hopefully these tips have helped make marketing digestible. And if nothing else remember that marketing is not life or death. You can always fix your mistakes and try something new. If you want to hear more from marketing tips from Ashley, listen to her full Mobile Matters episode here!

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