Friday, June 18, 2021

June Product Release: Introducing the New Form Component Set

Things I’m looking forward to this summer include longer days, baseball games(finally!), and all of the Components our team is releasing in what we’re calling Librarypalooza. That’s right, we’re back without another release which means new items in the Lumavate Library. 🙌

Without further ado, here is a rundown of the items included in this week’s release!

We ❤️  Forms

Look, forms don’t get the recognition they deserve. Sure, they aren’t as glamorous as an interactive image or perhaps a GIF, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important when building an app without code. That’s why we added not one, but EIGHT new Form Components. 🤯

  • Pardot Form
  • Formstack
  • Form Assembly
  • Typeform Standard
  • Typeform Slider
  • Typeform Popup
  • JotForm
  • JotForm Popup

Binge-worthy Training Videos
Yeah, binge-watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix is fun, but have you ever watched a 60-second tutorial on how to create an app without coding? Now, I might be biased but I think you’ll want to make sure you add watching the newest on-demand training videos to your weekend lineup. 💻

  • Including Twitter In Your Apps
  • Including Facebook In Your Apps
  • Including Spotify In Your Apps
  • Including SoundCloud In Your Apps

Event-worthy Starter Kits 

New app templates? Yep, we’ve got ‘em. We added four new Starter Kits to the App Gallery with this release. As life slowly returns to normal, and conferences and in-person events enter our lives once again, these Starter Kits are the perfect pairing to a kicka** event. 🔥

  • Keynote Speaker – Give event attendees a way to view presentation materials and learn more about your company
  • Podcast Guest – Lock-down guest podcast spots by touting a spokesperson’s speaking skills
  • Board Engagement – Keep board members organized and engaged
  • Trade Show: Attendees – Create an easy-to-use app for attendees at your next trade show or conference

We’ll be back in another two weeks with another big release to ring in July! Until then, keep cool, reapply your SPF, and try building an app without code. 📱