Thursday, April 23, 2020

iOS 14 Is Coming: What Can You Expect to See?

Apple is notoriously secretive about what they’re working on and when they plan on releasing new devices or software. However, history has shown us they tend to always make a few big announcements at their World Wide Developers Conference. While this event may be different than years in the past since the event will be online only, we’re still expecting Apple to keep up the tradition of sharing big news at the event.

World Wide Developers Conference

We can look forward to seeing a partial release of iOS 14 this June at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (a virtual event this year of course). At this event developers get the opportunity to interact with Apple’s engineers and get early access to the newest versions of iOS, macOS, iPodOS, and watchOS. Apple has already announced they have been working on multiple new technologies this year and the event is going to be big. One of the biggest releases being iOS 14. So, what can you expect to see in this release?

Introducing Clips

The most exciting thing Apple has given a preview of is Clips. Clips is basically a way that users can use an app without having to fully download it (imagine how much time you will save). The way this will work is users can scan a QR code which will prompt a floating card to appear on the screen with the specific functionality of the app you are looking to use- no download required! When this floating card appears users will have the option to do a full download if they want or they can just continue to use the app “over-the-air”. A common example of this is YouTube videos, when you can a QR code and the video will appear on your screen even if you don’t have the app downloaded. This function will make it much easier for users to access apps when they are in low-service areas or are in a pinch and don’t have time to wait for a full app download. So far the apps being tested for Clips are OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Youtube, and Sony’s second-screen app for PS4. 

More Features Than Ever Before

While Clips is probably the biggest release coming out of iOS 14, there are countless other features that will enhance the user experience on Apple products.

  • Wallpaper Features. The new iOS is rumored to offer more wallpaper settings than ever before. There are now options to adjust the way your home screen image appears- you can make it darker, lighter, or give it a gradient.
  • CarPlay. Apple is also expected to update their CarPlay features including allowing users to add a wallpaper to their CarPlay. The wallpaper will have light and dark modes, as well as adjustable ambient light.
  • Apple Maps. Apple Maps is getting a major upgrade. Apple Maps on iOS 14 will be able to tell you more info about Apple Stores (particularly what repair services they have for those of us, aka me, that can’t seem to go a day without dropping our phone). Also valuable info about restaurants like if they have seating for couples, specials for kids, or private dining spaces. It’s almost like they are combining search and maps into one.
  • Home Screen Updates. While there is a possibility of an Apple Smart Keyboard with a trackpad, there is also potential for a Mac style cursor to be available on tablets. The classic arrow pointer and gloved-hand icons are expected to make their way over from MacBooks to iPads. There are a lot of other cool things happening here like new trackpad gestures, an option for a list-view of all your apps (similar to an AppleWatch), a multitasking feature (similar to an iPad), and opening up its wallpaper selector to third party artists.
  • Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is also gaining more functionality with the inclusion of optical character recognition in iOS 14. This allows you to write handwritten messages and have them translated into text. This will be compatible with messages, notes, calendar, mail, and reminders.
  • HomeKit. Apple is finally getting on board with the smart-home trend like Amazon and Google. The Apple HomeKit will allow for audio capabilities that allow an Apple TV to always connect to the same speaker when powered up. Night Shift is going to take on a new meaning by not only dimming the light and changing the color temperature on your screen but in lightbulbs. HomeKit Secure Video will also upgrade to not only detect people, but specific people in your family.

This is only just a small sample of what Apple is expected to release. June will be an exciting time to see all of these new features going live! Overall iOS 14 will hopefully improve user experience on Apple’s mobile devices, especially with the addition of the Clips feature.